Amazing Spider-Man 659

Posted by bps 28 April 2011

Once again, we have an issue of FF featuring Spider-Man. Honestly, the best part of this issue was the third story featuring Ghost Rider. For the most of the first story, we see the FF, continuing their little adventures, which really does not appeal to me. If it did, I would have been a strong Fantastic Four fan.

For those who want to know what they missed, here it goes

The Story
It begins with the FF finally returning from their inter-reality/ time travel adventures. They land back on earth in the Caribbean. Sue has a video call with her kids, who have also been trying to get a hold of her.  While she tries to get them to sleep, they have discovered a world threatening disaster. The bad connection, due to some dimensional breach, causes the conversation to end abruptly.

The team lands on an island where they had been before during one of their time travels as the Fantastic Four.  The conclusion of their last trip was that they threw some mystical gems, supposedly belonging to Blackbeard, into the sea so that no one ( of that time) would be able to find it.

The team bumps into some villagers who explain that they have been defending their village from strange creatures that appear at night, coming from some skull cave.

Meanwhile, Carlie is having a hard time concentrating on her roller ball game thinking about Peter and how she is always being lied to. Just so I don't have to come back to her scene again later, she ends up getting drunk with her girlfriends and decides to get a Green Goblin Tattoo ( same one being used by the gangs few issues back) just to spite Peter.

Back to the FF, they are still busy wondering what was causing the dimensional breach, wondering if it has anything to do with the mystical gems. Somewhere in the process, the FF discover that Spider-Man has no Spider sense. Spidey steps on a trap door unleashing a lot of zombie pirates.

The FF push the zombies into the cave and see a large portal causing all kinds of ideas to rush into Reed's head.

Back at the Baxter building, the kids find a way to fix the dimensional breach. They also find out that what they're parents are now facing is in no way connected to the breach, although someone wants them to think otherwise.

To cut it short:

  1. The kids arrive
  2. The mom is angry
  3. They find out that all these zombies are just illusions caused by Mysterio.
  4. The real crooks behind it all are the Sinister Six, not any portal related zombies looking to raise Black beard from the dead ( as the FF were told initially) 
There certainly seems to be plenty controversy online about this issue, primarily where Carlie chooses to get the Green Goblin tattoo, knowing fully well how much Peter hates the Goblin for having killed Gwen. In my opinion, I never really like Carlie, so the hell with her. Anyway, she's drunk and people do silly things when they are drunk, so theres no real controversy here as far as I'm concerned.

As far as the story for this issue is concerned, I find it rather dry. I'm not much into the FF having adventure after adventure in different timelines or realities. No doubt this all takes place in current time, I still found it a bore.

The Second Story
This was just a short two-page intro to Spider-Man's next biggest story - Infested. Here we see someone who has been experimenting on bugs. He eventually presses a button and tons of spiders start infesting the city. We find out this person is none other than Miles Warren- Kaine and Ben Reily's creator.

The Third Story - featuring Ghost Rider
Sweet and simple is what I'd call this final story. We continue to see fabulous art in a story picking up exactly where it last left off. Spider-Man bikes through the city, even having time to stop a mugging. Eventually, the big demon guy who sucked Ghost Rider into his chest in the last issue, catches up to Spider-Man. Spidey has no choice, or rather thinks he is making a good choice, and drives the bike right into his pursuer.

After the crash, Ghost Rider is seen flying out of the guy. He grabs Spidey and reminds him how he entrusted Spider-Man not to let the demon guy get the bike. My favorite scene takes place below where Spider-Man scratches his head as if he had forgotten.

The Demon begins merging with the bike and becomes a Bike monster..


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