X-Men #07-08 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 09 April 2011

For those who do not know much about the X-Men, they are a group of mutant superheroes living on an island in the Pacific Ocean which they call ‘’Utopia’’. The important X-Men in this story are
1. Emma Frost - reformed super-villainess, telepathy, diamond form 2.Gambit/Remy LeBeau – potential and kinetic energy manipulation 3.Storm/Ororo Iqadi T’Challa – Queen of Wakanda, weather manipulation 4.Wolverine/James ‘’Logan’’ Howlett – metal claws, healing factor

X-Men #07

After the defeat of the vampires (X-Men 1-6), the X-Men perform a number of superhero feats through out San Francisco, like stopping bank robberies and saving suicidal kids. Cyclops (X-Men leader) dispatches a team of four to New York to investigate a series of unusual disappearances. They start by searching in the sewers. Emma and Wolverine are unable pick up any proper thoughts or scent. With a little help from Emma’s telepathy they find numerous human corpses and are attacked by strange lizards (we can all guess who the bad guy is).

While trying to catch one for examination they come face to face to with…

X-Men #08
Spider-Man recounts the unfortunate tale of Dr. Curt Connors and explains that the human-lizards are mere victims. The meeting is adjourned to more comfortable aboveground surroundings. They find out that the recently missing kids had two things in common – they were all bullied and had an online friend DB001. It turns out DB001 is meeting with another kid, Max. At the meeting place Max is kidnapped by the Lizard Emma sends Logan to stop the Lizard but is attacked by lizard people again. We then see the missing kids locked in an underground cell and the DB001 dude hunting online for another helpless prey.

Nothing special about these issues. Spidey appears only at the end of #07 and doesn’t do much in #08. There is more investigation and less action in in #08. I don’t like how Wolverine is portrayed in the first issue, he’s too aggressive. I didn’t like the art. Though many loved the cartoon style, I’m used to seeing Terry Dodson and Greg Land’s stuff. And why would you put a Terry Dodson cover for a Chris Bachalo issue?

Pick these up for a light reading or if you’re a die-hard X-men fan.


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