Amazing Spider-Man annual # 38

Posted by bps 08 April 2011

Marvel has once again come up with a brilliant money making scheme by splitting one story into three different books from three different titles. Spider-Man fan's will buy this book, get hooked to the good story, and find themselves buying another two books from two different titles, just so they can get the whole story. Congratulations Marvel.

The Story
The scene opens with Spidey in a brand new costume, even sporting a cape - Batman style. Spidey fights Dr Octopus with ease. He notices that with the cape, the bad guys actually seem afraid of him or so he thinks thats the reason. The public absolutely loves him, including Jonah Jameson. The problem here is that this perfect world, is not our Spider-Man's world.

The story goes a few days earlier, where we see our Spider-Man helping the injured caped Spidey aka The Amazing Spider, into his Web ( Bat cave ). This Amazing Spider guys has his own cave, mansion, laboratory, company called Parker Technologies, and Spider-mobile.

Even further back a few days, we see Peter working at Horizon labs. Deadpool, with a bunch of thugs are about to break in and steal "lots of money," as far as Deadpool is concerned. Upon breaking in, the thugs tell Deadpool that there a machine in Horizon labs that can go to different realities. The problem is using the machine can be fatal to the human brain - thus the reason they needed Deadpool ( his brain can simply regenerate.) They then ask Deadpool to find a machine that can bring them to a reality with lots of cash. (lame)

After this:

  1. Deadpools gets shot in the head
  2. Bruce Banner who was working at the lab was caught snooping around
  3. Bruce gets shot in the head and turns into the hulk
  4. Spider-Man appears after hearing the commotion
  5. The machine malfunctions and Spider-Man, Banner, and Deadpool find themselves in Parker Technologies.
Another Deadpool, who goes by the name Deathwish is found lying on the floor, along with the caped Spider-Man. Strangely enough though, there is no Hulk to be found. 

Spider-Man, being the good hearted guy that he is, takes the place of the injured Caped Spidey while he recovers. Throughout the story we basically learn that the Amazing Spider is the only super hero, the best super hero, and the person all bad guys fear. The Rhino of that world even tells us how the Amazing Spider of that world took on Galactus - the real reason the bad guys are afraid of him. This Caped Spidey is also not much of a comedian compared to our Spider-Man and is a whole lot more powerful. Peter also finds out that the caped version of himself has been doing some research and had already dug up information on Spider-Men of other realities. Even more interesting to Peter is that Gwen Stacy, and even Uncle Ben are still alive in this reality. 

Peter goes to visit Uncle Ben, who knows all about our Peter and his reality. Uncle Ben also shares his dislike for both MJ and Gwen, saying they are gold diggers. They spend some time together until Peter blacks out - thanks to the tea "Aunt May" poured him. 

Spider-Man wakes up in a chair, tied up in The Amazing Spider's Lair. The jist of it all is that The Amazing Spider is so powerful because he has been "sucking" power, and life, from the Spider-Men of other realities to strengthen himself - as advised by Uncle Ben.

Spider-Man pokes The Amazing Spider with words, hitting his conscience. Annoyed Spider-Man gets punched by his other self, flinging him across the room ( the other Spidey is really strong) and breaking him out of the chair. 

Hitting his conscience further, the Amazing Spider hesitates to kill Spider-Man. Uncle Ben tries to finish the job but The Amazing Spider saves Spider-Man, and instead has his powers and life sucked out of him. The Amazing Spider is left looking like bones in a suit, but strangely still breathing. ( Probably since he is so powerful)

In the epilogue, Peter continues to live as Peter Parker on that world, CEO of Parker Technologies, until he can find a way home. He buries himself in work, trying to get back, afraid to face MJ or Gwen, lest they turn out to be twisted characters as well.

Banner refuses to go back to their own timeline as he is unable to turn into the Hulk in this reality. Deadpool and Deathwish also seem to be having fun in this reality. As such, at night, Peter continues to pretend to be the Amazing Spider, only battling the small time crooks, probably unable to challenge the real crooks of that time as he is not anywhere close to as powerful as the Amazing Spider was. 


A really good issue. Definitely a story I will be following. In this reality, Uncle Ben taught his nephew that with great power comes a responsibility to stay powerful. 

At the end of the issue we see that the Amazing Spider really wasn't such a bad guy, and actually helped Spider-Man. Although still alive after having his life sucked out of him, Spider-Man states that he will wake up behind bars, when he does for killing all the other versions of himself. To sum it all:

  • Good issue
  • Good Story
  • Decent alternate Spider-Man at the end
  • Bad Uncle Ben
  • To be continued..


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