Amazing Spider-Man 656

Posted by bps 21 March 2011

The cover of this issue immediately tells us that Spidey is going to appear with a new black suit. To sum it all, this issue focuses on Spider-Man, without his Spider-sense. A few issues ago, Spider-Man lost his Spider-sense while attempting to stop the Spider Slayer.

The Story
It starts where the last issue ended, with some psycho - Massacre, killing innocents. The police are dumbfounded as they are unable to reason with the psychotic killer. Just in the nick of time, Spidey appears. Strangely enough however, Spidey shoots his webs on some plaster instead of a solid part of the building. Being unable to support his weight, the plaster broke off the wall causing Spider-Man to fall from the sky straight unto the police car.

He concludes that his spider sense must have stopped him from making silly mistakes like that in the past. Spider-Man gets to his feet and tries to negotiate terms with the killer. His plan doesn't turn out so well as it results in gunfire. Unable to properly dodge the bullets without his spider sense, Spidey gets shot.

Spider-Man tells the cops to give in to Massacre's demands and let him go as he had thrown a Spidey tracer on the killer just before being shot. Massacre's eventually lets the hostages go and flee's the scene. It is only later however that Spider-Man realizes he needs his spider sense for the spidey tracer to work.

Spider-Man later goes to the Night nurse ( Nurse for super guys ), whom, just like the police, found it very strange that Spider-Man got shot. At the Bugle, Massacre is the biggest story there is, so much so that even Jameson's request for another tribute to his wife is unable to make the headlines. Jameson makes a decision that Massacre will be punished by death, along with any other murderer in the city.

Back at Horizon Labs, his colleagues notice something wrong with Peter as well. Peter begins working on a new suit to help him fight Massacre without his spider-sense. He later learns that Massacre used to go by the name Marcus. He and his wife were caught in an explosion. As a result, a shrapnel from the explosion was embedded in his head. Strangely enough, he survived. The shrapnel lodged in his head however did something to his brain so that he lost all emotion, morality an value for life.

Peter overhear's the radio channel from Captain Wantannabe regarding Massacre's position. He disappears and is next seen as Spider-Man, with a new suit approaching his killer. Spider-Man webs the hostages together as soon as he gets into the room where they are being held. We find out that his new webbing is magnetic and jams all radio frequency signals so the explosives they are wrapped in do not go off.

We also find out that Spidey's new suit is bullet proof. Massacre is eventually caught. He is almost killed by the police, as that was the order from the mayer. Fortunately for him, Spidey saves him, not wanting anyone to die. The scene below is probably my favorite of all. Read it for yourself.


This issue was pretty decent. The art was not the best in the world in my opinion. I also dislike Spider-Man's new suit. Honestly, I did not expect Spider-Man's spider sense to be gone for this long. I assumed that they would return after a day or two. A bullet proof costumes is no where near as cool as a Spider-Man who can dodge bullets.


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