Spider-girl # 4

Posted by bps 01 March 2011

This issue is, in a way a branch off from Grim Hunt. In this issue, we see Kraven the Hunter with his daughter Ana.

The Story
It starts with Kraven trying to get his daughter to fight him, as training. However she  does not respond to him as she would to her prey. It is also established that Ana had killed her brother. At the end of Grim hunt, only Kraven, Ana and her brother had remained alive. Kraven trains her to kill Spider-girl.

The next scene shows Spider-girl stopping a robbery. Nothing too special. As a background filler, we learn that Anya is getting a new roommate - Rocky. Rocky's friends are all present, helping her move in, unpack and etc. Her friends offer to help paint the place as well. However, Anya insists that she wants to paint hte place herself since it was the last thing she and her dad were supposed to do.

Back in prison, the guard walks out the prison doors and gets killed. In walks, Ana Kraven, looking for the chap that Spider-girl had just put in prison earlier. She's looking for every clue she can get regarding her prey's whereabouts.

Back at the apartment, Anya's strange neighbor comes by again to offer her some pizza. I'm not too sure what the story is with this guy, but he seems to be appearing in every issue for at least one scene. Anya struggles to lie to her friends about her 'part-time job' which is really her Spider-girl time.

She leaves her friends, tweeting that she really needed to let off some steam. While preventing a mugging, one of the thugs she caught ran away with some of her bolo rope she uses as substitute for Spider's webs. Again, Ana Kraven finds the thug eventually, questioning him about where he got the rope.

As Spider-girl continues her swinging around/ looking for trouble to stop, she comes across Screwball, who takes her on and begins fighting. Spider-girl eventually wins, but the fight was recorded and hosted online. Later that night, Anya and her roommate watch the video. While looking at it, it is clear that Anya notices something, but is not at liberty to share with her friend.

She later tweets that, being Spider-girl, she has to leave her clothes lying around at times. As she swings up the top of a building to get her sweater. Spider-girl had seen Ana Kraven sneaking around int he video online. As such she laid a trap for her enemy, purposely leaving her sweater behind, knowing that Ana would come to that location to take her on.

The scene ends with them ready to fight.

Nothing too special. I'm glad that we finally get to see more of the Kravens. Personally, I'm surprised that Anya is so confident that she is able to take on Ana Kraven. To me it appeared as though she almost died in their last encounter.


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