Amazing Spider-Man 655

Posted by bps 25 February 2011

Issue 655 marks itself as quite an important issue in Spider-Man's continuity in my opinion. Reason being that the end of the previous issue marks the end of Marla Jameson's life.

The story
The first couple of pages have absolutely no wordings or dialog. Everyone is sober, and mourning the death of Marla Jameson. It starts with Mayer Jameson getting out of bed with a straight face. He doesn't say anything as he is alone in his bed. He gets out, takes a shower and gets ready.

Peter does the same and intentionally leaves his Spider costume behind. Over at the Bugle, nobody says a word. Everyone is silent, all thinking the same thing. Everyone is present at the church for the funeral, and again nobody says a single thing.

Eventually everyone leaves and Peter goes back to his apartment, unable to sleep. He eventually falls asleep, and the rest of the issue takes place in his dream. In his dream, he sees every single dead person who has died with Spidey present. He first sees Uncle Ben, who explains how all the dead people are getting on a plane, including Uncle Ben's killer.

At one point, Aunt May is about to get on the plane, but Peter does not allow her to. At this she transforms into Marla Jameson who scoffs at him, saying that he would have found a way to save her if she were Aunt May. Peter then sees characters like Ben Reily, Kane, Oksana, Ezekiel, and even Gwen ( who ignores him )
He also sees, Charlie, a friend of Wolverine's whom he killed on accident.

Next, Spidey's enemies come to taunt him, even those who were dead, but returned like Kraven and the Goblin. They all, including a broken-necked Gwen Stacy, tell him that the reason so many people have died is because he was never able to kill his villains once and for all.

Spidey then sees Anti-heroes like the Punisher, and even others like Wolverine and the Sentry, who were able to kill their enemies. He even sees the Sentry killing Carnage up in space ( which took place some time ago).

Spider-Man suddenly returns to the scene where Uncle Ben's killer is running away. He is then posed with the question of what to do with him. instinctively, Spider-Man jumps to the crook and beats him to death. The robber transforms into Uncle Ben. The dying Uncle Ben tells Peter that by murdering his enemies, he is murdering his own uncle, and everything he has ever been taught. Spidey regrets and assures Uncle Ben that he would never do this is real life.

All Spider-Man's dead friends then ask him, what he will do next.

Peter then awakens from his nightmare and swears that no one will ever die in his presence again. The issue ends with some creep holding a building of people hostage. He has just shot one person dead before the cops can negotiate terms. The crook explains that he has nothing to negotiate as he has absolutely no regard for human life.

Well, once again, we return to what I consider - crappy art. There are a number of people out there who actually like this kinda art. As such, I shall speak no more regarding the art. Probably one of the more interesting scenes include the one in which Aunt May was about the board the plane with the dead, but transformed into Marla when Peter stopped her.

This is exactly what happened in continuity as Aunt May was supposed to die. Instead her life was exchanged for Peter's marriage, resulting in Marla dying. It could be implied here that Marla may not have died had Peter never made a deal with Mephisto.


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