Carnage # 3 (of 5) review

Posted by bps 24 February 2011

This issue has been out for a while now. But I am only now getting around to review it. For those who don't already know what took place in the issue, enjoy the review!

The Story
The plot begins inside Dr. Tanis's mind. She tries to recall her childhood, and other events in her life. Simultaneously however, the symbiote - carnage, who took possession of her physical body in the last issue, is busy trying to gain control of her mind.

Elsewhere, in the same building as Dr Tanis ( carnage), two scientists are experimenting on Doppelganger's frozen half body. It got into a pretty bad accident in part 1. While conducting their illegal experiments on Doppelganger, the alarms triggers. The scientists then follow protocol and evacuate the building.

Coming back to Spidey and Iron man, the two managed to trace Michael Hall's organic colorful robot guys back to their base ( where carnage and all the other action happens to be taking place ). Upon reaching, Spider-Man notices that despite the obvious screaming and alarm, his Spider-sense is not functioning. At this he realizes that there must be a symbiote in the building.

Royal Blue - on of Hall's guys is seen thrown out the building. followed by a wild Carnage. Royal Blue quickly updates Spider-Man, informing him that Dr Tanis is the new Carnage.

Back in the lab, Shriek, who was being treated by Dr Tanis prior to the accident, is being taken away. She repeatedly requests to see her doctor, but is not allowed to for obvious reasons. As she struggles, the scene changes to Doppelgangers half body, which is now melting.

Back to Spider-Man, as they battle Carnage, Spidey realizes that the symbiote hasn't truly bonded with the Doctor yet as it is not conversing. Spidey tries talking to Dr Tanis, but receives a scream in reply. Carnage then grows some wings and flies away! With some information provided by Royal Blue, they have reason to believe that Carnage is going after Michael Hall.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Shriek is being continually abused by the security guards. She warns them to stop hurting her. Just then Doppelganger appears. The guards turn all firepower on the creature. Shriek begs them to stop but they do not. As such, she screams ( her super power ). The guards are then no where to be seen. The floor is covered with blood and the evil side of Shriek returns, allied with Doppelganger.

Zooming in to Michael Hall, Iron Man, Spidey and Royal Blue's gang break into his office to protect him. Hall explains to them however that the symbiote is not after him. Hall explains how, while in space, the symbiote starved itself to protect Cletus ( the real carnage ). The issue ends with Carnage breaking in to free Cletus, who is still very much alive, having robotic legs. ( He was torn in two )

I think this issue is starting to pick up. I'm really glad that Dr Tanis was not to remain the new Carnage. A new lady carnage, who was previously a good doctor just doesn't really sit well with me. It also make things a whole lot more interesting now that our presumed dead Celtus Kassady is back, with half a body. Looking forward to the last two issues of this story.


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