Amazing Spider-Man 654 pt 1

Posted by bps 11 February 2011

Personally, I thought this issue was pretty decent. From reading other reviews and discussion boards, it seems that not everyone really liked the issue too much.

The Story
It starts with the Space shuttle landing on the Horizon Orbital, as according to Dr. Ock's plan. ( See Amazing Spider-Man 653 ) Upon landing, the little octobots get off, along with John Jameson, to go do their things, ( we're still not sure what ) John is now safe and wants to return to earth to help his father but is unable to due to the damage caused to the Space Shuttle.

Meanwhile, Max Modell has concluded that Peter Parker secretly provides tech for Spider-Man to battle his enemies. Peter admits to this lame secret he has been holding all these years. The two then work together to create a 'spider sense disrupter. Max then tell Peter to warn Spider-Man that he musn't be anywhere near the device when it detonates, else he too will lose his Spider-sense.

Back at the Spa, Be Grimm and some Avengers are busy protecting Marla Jameson, who has found some use for herself - using the spider-slayer robot knowledge to slow their enemies. We also see that Jameson Sr. has been wounded, but is now safe with his son - the mayer, and is speeding to the Spa.

Back at the Bugle however, things are not so good. Norah escapes to safety with Phil Urich ( hobgoblin) Randy however is trapped under some rubble, thanks to the jealous Phil Urich. As these events occur Robbie realizes that the bugs are here because he is a friend of Jameson. He then tells the Avengers to take him out of the building. He is flown out with the bugs following after him.

Coming back to the main character - Spider-Man, he is still swinging his way to a high spot to detonate the anti spider sense device. Unfortunately he is stopped by Scorpion, just as he finds the right spot. In the midst of fighting, Scorpion destroys the remote detonator, leaving Spidey no choice but to detonate it manually. As a result Spidey is also affected by the blast. Scorpion is then webbed up as Spidey makes a run for it ( without his senses)

With the bugs no longer having spider sense, the Avengers take them out with ease. In an explosion, Spider-Man gets hit by some debris and has a concussion. ( No spider sense ) Unfortunately, while he was out, the Spider-slayer, who was not affected by the anti spider sense device, kills Marla Jameson.

The issue ends with Jameson, for once, not blaming Spider-Man for any of this. Instead, he blames himself.


Like I said at the start, I thought this issue was rather decent. Marla dies, unfortunately. However, this could probably change Jameson's perception of life once and for all. There is a second mini story in the issue, which I will leave to Michael Deery to review, as he will be reviewing the new Venom series that will be released soon.

Spider-Man joins the FF

Posted by bps

In a sequence of events that I am not entirely aware of, Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four dies! Whether or not he will come back from the dead like most other characters, we do not know. But we do know that there is a new recruit joining the team - Spider-Man.

Below is a quote from Marvel's website:

There is no more Fantastic Four, so just what is the FF? This March, the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting present the over-sized FF #1, introducing the biggest new super hero team of the century! After the death of The Human Torch, the surviving members of the Fantastic Four—Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and The Thing—join with Spider-Man and some top secret members to form an unstoppable force: The Future Foundation. Their mission is simple: Save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising. But even with knowledge of what’s to come and one of the most powerful teams ever assembled, just what villainous force could stand in their way?

So, anyone wanna volunteer to review this series?  The first issue FF# 1 should be out on 23 March 2011.


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