Carnage # 2 (of 5) review

Posted by bps 31 January 2011

So far this series does not truly interest me too much, resulting in rather slow reviews being posted up here.

The Story
The scene starts eight months ago when Michael Hall authorizes a change in his satellite's course, despite knowing that it would crash into some kind of space junk. We later see half of Carnage's body crash into the satellite. For those who don't know, Carnage died in space as his body was ripped in two by the Sentry.

In the next scene, Shriek, who has been held captive warns those around her that "He is coming back." The scene quickly changes again to Spider-Man visiting the victim who mindlessly jumped in front of Doppleganger to protect him and lost her arm in the process. This lady ( Dr Nieves) was given immediate attention soon after the accident and now stands with a super prosthetic arm, similar to that of Michael Hall's technology. We later find out that it is in fact one of Hall's products.The lady explains that she was not asked permission as to whether or not she wanted the arm. Spidey is forced to leave as the authorities come in.

Tony Stark then gives Spidey a call, who is doing some experiments on some netting used by the other two weird Robot dudes from the first issue. The material used reminds him of a symbiote. Furthermore, the material tends to react to Spider-Man's voice.

Changing the scene to Dr. Nieves, she is having hallucinations, which apparently are normal, resulting from the new prosthetic arm, and need some getting used to.

Spidey is later seen together with Stark, trying to convince him to destroy the specimen. In the midst of their conversation he mentions the prosthetic arm Dr. Nieves was using. Upon hearing this, Stark rushes off to find her. Saying that he knows what technology it is. ( Hall's)

To cut is a little short, Iron Man figures out that this symbiote material is partly being used to create the prosthetic arm. He also figures that the two Robot dudes who interfered in the first issue - Firebrick and Royal Blue are just two of a whole product line of other guys.

Dr Nieves is taken, by the people who gave her the arm, to see Shriek and a piece of Carnage ( probably the same piece floating in space earlier ) for some 'experiment.' Dr. Nieves finds that her arm begins moving involuntarily and eventually kills all those around her.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and Spidey find and fight Royal Blue and gang until the mysteriously fly away due to some 'situation' that has arisen. Back in the lab where Dr Nieves was, the arm begins controlling her and sets Carnage free. The Symbiote then bonds with Dr Nieves - bringing Carnage back to life.

This issue was pretty hard to understand at first. It wasn't Crytal clear what was taking place. The art style remains constant as the first issue with a slightly 3D feel. Other than that, the story in particular hasn't really aroused any interest just yet.


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