Amazing Spider-Man 652

Posted by bps 24 January 2011

Before I start, I have to say that this issue has some good art, not to mention an awesome cover page.

The Story
The issue starts with the Peter, Aunt May, her husband, Flash, Betty, and MJ, supporting Carlie in her Roller Derby competition. The scene closes in on MJ, who seems a little jealous that Peter finally has everything together, with a job that allows him to juggle Spider-Man, an apartment of his own and even a girlfriend. Peter can tell that MJ seems a little out of herself/ jealous. ( At least thats how it appeared to me).

In another scene, Jameson Sr. tries to get May to follow him to visit his son and grandson the next day. Unfortunately for him, she's already made plans with her daughter in law - Marla ( Jameson Jr's wife).

Elsewhere, the Spider-Slayer and his team of insects, including Scorpion, are spying on Jameson Jr - the Mayor, planning their attack which would take place the next day. Just so you know, John Jameson - JJ. Jr's son, who is an astronaut, is about to take off the following day. It is also agreed somewhere between the conversation that Peter is to fly with John Jameson that day. The team of insects plan to kill him as a first step in ruining the J. Jonah Jameson.

In a really unnecessary scene, Carlie takes Peter to try skating after the game. Peter pretends not to know how to skate and fall all over the place as his girlfriend tries to teach him. ( All in an effort to cover Spidey )

When Carlie leaves to change however, Peter does all kinds of stunts on the roller skates, thinking no one is watching. He is stopped when he hears someone clapping in the background. Fortunately for him, its not Carlie, but MJ, who stayed back after the game as well, probably wanting to get a word with Peter.

She asks him about his seriousness in his relationship with Carlie and whether he has any intention of letting her in on the secret. Peter responds saying that he doesn't, reasoning to himself that he wants her to fall in love with the real him, not with Spider-Man. He then hints that MJ knew that he was Spider-Man from the start. He doesn't want that.

Carlie buts in on the conversation asking what MJ was still doing hanging around. MJ covers up quickly saying that she forgot her hat. Carlie then talks a little about MJ to Peter. The conclusions are that Carlie is fine with Peter and MJ being best friends. She also agrees to stop talking about MJ to Peter since he doesn't feel too comfortable. Carlie tell Peter that one of her best friends is a guy as well - Spider-Man, which really surprises Peter. She then suggests setting up MJ and Spider-Man, which sends Peter crashing into the glass door.

The next day, at the rocket launch, Peter is ready for take off with Jameson's astronaut son - John. Just as they are about to take off however, his Spider sense tingle. He disappears for a moment telling everyone not to launch the rocket without him.

Unfortunately, Smythe aka the Spider-Slayer has already made his way to the control room and launches the rocket with John in it. Soon the whole place is filled with insect-guys, causing trouble, trying to kill Jameson's son and father. Spidey comes to help on the ground but is stopped by Jameson who begs Spidey to get up to the rocket and save his son.

After some reasoning, Spidey agrees and abandon's everyone on the ground to help John Jameson. Nothing however, prepares Spidey for the new improved Scorpion who is waiting for him on the rocket.

The Second Story

This story I found to be extremely boring, so I'll just jump to the point. A new villain is introduced - The Looter, who has just stolen some important key and is planning a huge evil. -.-


This Looter guys sounds extremely lame. Jameson Sr, in my opinion just might die soon, while John Jameson should be fine. As far as MJ and Carlier are concerned, I'm not too disturbed about MJ sounding like a weirdo. I'm also not bothered by the fact that it was implied that MJ fell in love with Spidey and not Peter.

Anyone who read the comics before OMD would know that was not so, and thus I do not think that was the point that was being made in the scene. I actually enjoyed this issue quite a bit. I'm loving the new Scorpion costume and can't wait to see whats next.


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