Amazing Spider-man 651

Posted by bps 20 January 2011

Amazing Spider-Man 651 takes off exactly where the last issue ended. In the last issue we found out that the Hobgoblin had double crossed the King Pin by indirectly giving the location of the artificial vibranium to the Black Cat. Hob-Gob obviously had his own personal motives which we will see shortly. 

The Story

It starts with Phil Urich ( as the Hob-goblin), approaching the King Pin with some news. He warns the Fisk that Spidey and Cat are about to steal the artificial vibranium aka Reverbium. Montana, ( King Pin's assistant guy ) gets a little suspicious of Hobby, and suggests to his boss that it could be theHob-Goblin himself who tipped Spidey and Cat off. 

Spidey and Felicia split as soon as the crooks come barging in. Black Cat, decides to snoop around Fisk's office while Spidey is left to take on the ninjas and Hobgoblin. 

A bunch of things happen here. As far as Spidey is concerned, we find that his new suit has a number of new functions including being able to block off ultrasonic sound waves to guard against Hobgoblins sonic scream. Spidey also made some anti-metal spiders, made to look like spider-tracers to help steady against Reverbium. 

Felicia gets caught sneaking around and has a hard time surviving as she is being beaten by Fisk. She calls to Spidey for help but he is unable to hear her due to his suits secondary mode ( blocking out sound waves). 

Essentially, Hobgoblins ultrasonic scream activates the Reverbium and brings the whole building crashing down. Hobgoblin manages to save Fisk, while Spidey brings Felicia to safely. The King Pin's little friend - Montana unfortunately dies under the rubble I suppose. 

The King Pin is later seen 'knighting Hobgoblin as his right hand man. Hobgoblin then goes to the 'Tinkerer' to fix up his gadgets. Unfortunately, its going to cost him quite a bit. He is next seen at the Bugle, bringing in leads/ footage and etc of the crime scene. He also manages to score a dinner date with Norah in exchange for some information she would find useful. 

Peter is finally seen with Carlie, waiting for Aunt May and Jameson Sr. at a fancy restaurant. Peter is marveled at how his life has completely changed. He is now buying his Aunt and her husband dinner at a fanc restaurant, and owns an apartment, free of Spider-Man's gear. ( It's all stored in his office )

The second story

This second story just shows a new rejuvenated Scorpion, with an improved  suit, heightened senses and strength. He and his kidnapper - the Spider Slayer, agree to join forces along with an army of other insect dudes to take out Mayor Jameson and all those close to him. 

I was slightly disappointed to the end of this Hobgoblin story. Overall this first 'Big Time' story has been great however. Great Art, decent story, new crooks. Look out for the next review. 


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