Spider-girl # 2

Posted by bps 13 January 2011

So, I don't exactly have very much time to do this, but here it goes. As we all know, in the last Spider-girl issue we see the Red Hulk battling the fantastic four. Spider-girl's dad has also presumably died thanks to the Red Hulk.

The Story

This issue starts exactly where the last left off. Spider-girls boils in fury as she sees her fathers body under the rubble. She tries to take on the Red Hulk but is stopped by the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, there is some creep peeking through the door watching everything. Another strange thing is that Red Hulk seems to be babbling away, not being able to convey his thoughts in words properly.

Mr Fantastic suggests to Spider-girl to get the civilians to safety. While trying to do that, Red Hulk starts chasing her. Spider-girls pretty much leads him to the sea where he sinks. (lame) Anyway, the Fantastic Four appear at the scene as soon as the action is over. They try to talk to Spider-girl, who isn't interested, still thinking about her father. As such they proceed to track down Red Hulk.

Back to to Spider-girl, she swings to get a close look at her father who apparently has plenty internal injuries, bleeding and etc. In the events that take place over the next few scenes, we see that Anya visits her dad in the hospital. Unfortunately, he never recovers, and she is finally seen at his funeral.

Naturally she gets depressed for a couple of days and throws away her costume, until one of her friends shares a story of how her own mother was killed by the Goblin while Spider-Man was fighting him. Spider-man managed to stop the Goblin that day, but not before her mother was killed. After hearing that and some other encouraging words, Anya feels a little better knowing that she's not alone.

The final scene however shows that the same creep who was at the first scene looking through the door is also spying on Spider-girl and knows her identity.

This was a rather good issue. After reading this, the obvious conclusion is that the Red Hulk was not being himself when he attacked. First of all, Red Hulk is highly intelligent and does not speak the same monkey language as the Hulk sometimes does. In this issue however he does seem to be talking nonsense.

The creep in the issue was obviously controlling the Red Hulk, intentionally causing him to attack Spider-girl's father. Looks like we have the first real bad guy in the Spider-girl series. Stick around to find out what happens in the next issue.


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