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Posted by Mister Mets 28 May 2011

The Infinite Spider-Man is a series of mini-essays looking at Marvel's options for the future of their most popular character.

Fair warning: as the character's romantic life figures into many of these determinations, I'm going to spend an absurd amount of time dealing with the issue of whether Spidey should be married.

This is based on an earlier series I wrote years ago for another website.

The Introduction

Does Spider-Man Being Single Allow for More Stories?

In my opinion, the most significant argument regarding whether Spidey should have stayed married was about making him single allowed for more stories.
Retcons and What I would have done

Since I started pondering the question of how to retcon away the marriage before One More Day was published, my solution was slightly different from the finished product. Both involved retcons, which was something many readers were instinctively opposed to.
What Marvel was expected to do

As readers had months to speculate about One More Day, many developed their own theories about what would happen, some involving new developments with some of the most controversial stories in Spider-Man history. Since One More Day has come out, it's been compared to two other proposed retcons.
What Marvel Actually Did

Afterwards, it was time to look at what actually happened in One More Day.
The Commitment to Change

Afterwards, it was time to look at another approaches Marvel could have taken with the Spider-Man comics: a commitment to change.
The Alternatives

Then it was time to look at the other approaches Marvel could have taken with the Spider-Man comics.
Other Titles
Reasons One More Day Should Be Reversed

Then it was time to look at the various arguments against doing a One More Day retcon.
The Illusion of Change VS The Marriage

Then it was time to look at how One More Day made an Illusion of Change approach easier for the title.
Questions of Format

This led me to consider how Amazing Spider-Man has been published.

Then it was time to consider the various storytelling decisions.

And now it's time to wrap things up.
There's another entry devoted to any significant changes in previous entries.

A slightly revised, currently incomplete, version is available elsewhere.



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