Amazing Spider-Man 650

Posted by bps 23 December 2010

It's been 50 issues of Amazing Spider-Man since this blog first started. This is also the third issue into "Big Time," - a new title I kinda enjoy. I'll just cut to the point.

The Story

In the Amazing Spider-Man 649, Spider-man was last seen about to get his head chopped by the new Hobgoblin. Spider-Man was unable to move due to hobgoblins "sonic immobilizing sound waves." Anyway, this issue starts with one of Peter's new colleagues countering the sound wave with some loud Lady Gaga music. Spidey manages to escape in time to save his head from being chopped.

Mr Modell, (Peter's boss) rings the fire alarm. Realizing he doesn't have much time left, Hob-Gob decides to go for what he really came after - artificial Vibranium. The extremely weak Spidey tries to stop the him but pretty much fails.

After Hobgoblin ran off with the Vibranium, the whole company goes looking for Peter. Thinking quickly, Peter takes off his costume and puts on a cover that looks something like this.

The scene changes to the King Pin, who receives news that his Hobgoblin ( Kingsley ) is dead, and that a new Hobgoblin wants the job. To cut it short the new guy does get the job.

Realizing the threat artificial Vibranium poses to the world, Mr Modell has all the artificial Vibranium destroyed. Peter then takes responsibility to re-steal the stolen Vibranium from the Hobgoblin. At this, he calls his previous 'friend with benefits' - Felicia ( who just has to be taking a milk bath when she answers the phone.)

Back at the Bugle, Phil Urich aka the Hobgoblin, tries to impress Norah by giving her some really good footage of the break-in at Horizon labs. Unfortunately for him, Norah is so excited that she shows Randy and kisses him in front of Phil. Quite a funny scene if you ask me.

Peter is seen back at his lab in the next scene, when he gets a visit from MJ and Carlie - both who brought some food for Peter, not knowing the other was coming. In a small scene here we see a tiny bit of jealousy from MJ as she doesn't understand any of the science related things Carlie and Peter are talking about. She also brings up the topic of Peter and herself living in the Avengers tower. (something I wish they didn't bring up) Anyway, MJ eventually leaves the couple awkwardly. Carlie doesn't get much time with Peter either though as Felicia calls him with news about the artificial Vibranium.

Apparently Black cat caught some stooge, hung him upside down, and got him to spill out who was behind the stealing of the Vibranium. Cat leaves her source hanging and goes off after speaking to Spidey on the phone. The stooge is then visited by the Hobgoblin, who apparently tipped this guy off to give the info to Cat.
Unfortunately for the poor guy, he gets killed by Hobby.

Cat is later seen waiting for Spidey. She suddenly receives a package out of no where with some goggle and an ear piece. Putting them on, she sees Spidey ( who was invisible ) in a new Black and green costume! The two head off to find the King Pin.

Overall I thought this was a rather good issue. I loved the art again ( An automatic 5 points out of 10 for me ). The MJ and Carlie scene was a little disappointing though. Black Cat is drawn here almost as sexy as possible with an impossibly perfect body showing a little too much skin ( milk bath ) and doing some really weird poses I'd say.

I'm gonna have to do a part two review of this issue since I really don't have time to tackle the second story. 


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