Amazing Spider-Man 649

Posted by bps 27 November 2010

There was only one thing that I did not quite enjoy about this issue, which takes place at the start of the issue. I'm sure all who read it can agree that it ' not cool' to have Roderick Kingsley die a few pages into the book.

The story
It starts off with some anonymous person approaching Kingsley in a bar, acknowledging his past achievements as the Hobgoblin. While chatting with his anonymous recruiter, he accepts the offer upon hearing that Norman Osborn is out and in prison. The scene jumps to where Amazing Spider-Man 648 issue ended - the King Pin, hiring the Hobgoblin.

Accepting the offer, Kingsley, as the Hobgoblin goes to Norman's old hideout to look for new 'goblin' supplies. While looking through some of Norman's new "toys." Kingsley notices a hot cup of coffee. He searches to find who else is in the room and finds Phil Urich - Ben Urich's loser nephew who was helping move boxes for Norah is the last issue.

Phil explains how he came here to look for stuff that would help Norah in her story. (Obviously he has a liking for Norah). Kingsley proceeds to kill Phil. Phil, still having some Goblin powers - namely his sonic scream ends up killing Kingsley instead.

Next we see Norah, investigating the Goblin gang story. She tries to conduct an interview to learn more about them. Half way through the gang thinks she's a cop and decides to do away with her. Thats when Spider-Man and Black cat appear to save the day.

Norah uses the opportunity to interview the two heroes a little. Spidey doesn't entertain her, but Felicia does, trying to change her status quo to that of a good guy so she can join the Avengers possibly. We learn that Felicia knows Spidey is seeing someone else. At the end of it all, Spidey advises her not to talk to reporters. He then buzzes off, leaving Cat alone with nothing to do that night.

Spidey swings to his hotel, changes to Peter Parker and tries to relax. Just then Carlie, his girlfriend comes in. She apologizes for not seeing him stating that she had lots of work. Being a forensic scientist, she notices all kinds of things in Peter's room like his mixtures for webbing. Peter has a hard time explaining. Fortunately she receives a phone call from work and has to go off again.

The scene changes to the Bugle, now owner by Robbie. Phil asks Norah if she needs anything more about the goblin story. She says that the story is over and that there was nothing to it. Phil has a hard time trying to get her attention when Robbie's son - Randy comes in. We find out that Randy is dating Norah.

Changing the scene again, Aunt May appears at Peter's hotel and wakes him up for his first day at work. Aunt May is obviously very proud of her nephew. Peter is shown around the place and is designated his own lab where he can work on anything he wants privately. He is not required to report what he is working on unless he wants to. Peter immediately thinks of this place as a great place to stash his Spidey gear.

At Jameson's office, Captain America tries to convince Jameson that Spidey is really a hero. Jameson's son, John agrees with Capt, leaving JJ in a tight position. In another small scene, we see that Mac Gargan is dying without the Venom symbiote or his Scorpion costume.

Anyhow, soon after Peter gets used to his new working space, he finds that Horizon Labs - his employer, is being attacked by the Hobgoblin. Peter changes to Spider-Man and tries to fight him. The scene ends with the Hobgoblin/ Phil sonic screaming blood out of Spidey's eyes, nose and ears. It also appears as though Spidey is about to get his head chopped.

Overall I thought  this issue was pretty good. Unfortunately, Kingsley comes and goes way too fast. The fact that Peter gets his own private lab just makes his job even cooler. I guess we don't have to think so hard about where the new Black Spidey costume in the next issue comes from?

Norah is turning out to be a cooler character by the issue, and Carlie is just getting weirder. I'm not sure how things will work with Carlie, and I sure hope they don't last too long.


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