Spider-girl # 1

Posted by bps 23 November 2010

Spider-girl's first book in the 616 universe is finally here. This new series takes a closer look at Anya Corazon, who was previously known as ARANA.  She came into the scene in the Amazing Spider-Man books during the Grim Hunt series not long ago.

At the end of Grim Hunt, she changes her costume to that of which Julia Carpenter ( The less well known Spider-woman aka Arachne ) used to wear. She then changes her name to Spider-girl. Julia Carpenter, at the end of Grim hunt went on to become the new Madame Webb, while the previous Madam Webb died. Below is a quick intro to Spider-girl.

Yes, Spider-girl has no powers.

The Story
So lets just get on with the story. It starts with Spider-girl chasing Screwball. Screwball taunts her saying shes slow. We alter find out that Spider-girl was slow because she was busy taking out her camera crew. Spider-girl catches and punches Screwball unconscious. She later runs off for school.

Anya has just moved into town with her dad. Her dad obviously knows about her secret alter ego. Her dad, a journalist explains that he's got to go check up a lead, leaving her to clean the place and meet Sue Richards for dinner. At this point, Sue is just a friend of the family and knows nothing of Anya being Spider-girl.

Anya talks with Sue about her social life and struggles. As they talk, Gill ( Anya's dad) calls saying he'll be home later than expected. As Gill hangs up the phone, it's clear that something unexpectedly bad is happening in the room he is at.

Changing the scene, Sue Richards gets an important call requesting her assistance immediately. She tells Anya to go home and be careful - something Anya is not about to do. Anya changes into her Spider-girl costume and sees the fantastic four on the news being beaten by something unseen. She then sees some thugs trying to steal/ rob etc. She goes about to stop these small crooks who add up to be quite a few.

Throughout the whole time, Spider-girl seems to be tweeting about what she is doing ( kinda lame and annoying to me) She continues to fight the baddies around town until she hears on the news that there is trouble where her dad is at. She swings across to that part of town to find the Thing being thrown out the building.

When she goes in, she sees her dad on the floor under some rubble, with man others. Worst of all, she sees the Red Hulk, fuming with anger.

For a first issue, it was not fantastic, but it was still good. We get a background check here that attempts to get the readers to like Anya as a character a little more before going ahead with the story. I think the Red Hulk is a little bit too big of a thing to be happening in a Spider-girl book. I mean Spider-Man doesn't even go head to head with him.


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