Amazing Spider-Man 648 pt 2

Posted by bps 15 November 2010

OK, so as promised, here is the part 2 review for amazing spider-man 648. This second issue pretty much creates an introduction for the new Spider-Girl, who became Spider-girl towards the end of the grim hunt. If you haven't read it, I suggest you check our our reviews for those issues. Amazing Spider-Man 634 - 637.

Anyway, back to the point.

The Story
It starts somewhere at the start of this issue, where Spidey is busy fighting the Octo-bots. In the midst of battle, Spider-Man gets knocked out and is saved by Spider-girl. Spider-Man comes to consciousness just in time to save Spider-girl as well though.

Spider-girl tells Spidey how she's not really built to fight giant robots. She calls her self more of a people person, handling simple crooks and thugs. Spider-Man actually mentioned this about himself somewhere earlier in the issue as well. Anyway the two have a slight heart to heart talk and Spidey gives her some advise, telling her that non of this is beyond her. He encourages her and etc while she looks up to him I suppose.

While talking the building they are standing on begins to crumble due to some impact by one of the Octo-bots earlier. Spidey tries to web some rubble while Spider-girl saves a lady below. The lady is extremely grateful to Spider-girl, further encouraging her. The issue ends with her taking on more thugs at an alley.

Nothing that great about this extra story. It was probably more of an introduction to Spider-girl as her new title will be hitting the stores this week. Look out for the new Spider-girl series to be reviewed on here.


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