The Death of Spider-Man

Posted by bps 11 November 2010

For some reason, I seem to have some time on my hands today. After reviewing the Amazing Spider-Man 648 issue, I decided to check up and see what's the latest with Spidey over on some other websites. Apparently there is some new speculation, due to a teaser image released, stating that Spider-Man might die in February 2011.

If you ask me, this is absolute nonsense as we all know Spider-Man can't die. Even if he did, it would not be for long. So, here is the image. What do you think?

This has to be the single best issue I've read in a long long time. To start, the story here is fantastic. It's a really long issue, featuring a Spider-girl story as well. Anyway, as if the story, which is obviously building up to something bigger for coming issues, isn't good enough, the art in this issue is spectacular.

After reading a few issues with weird art, this is heaven. Even Carlie doesn't look too bad.

The Story
The issue starts with Spidey leading the Avengers to take on some giant Octo-Bots ( Dr. Octavius's Robots) All the avengers are pretty much taking orders and advice from Spidey since he know Octavius best.

In another seen, we see Major Jameson being watched from afar by a Metahuman dude, obviously wanting to harm Jameson. Jameson is busy trying to control the situation in the city, claiming the Octo-bots are really Spider-robots. Jameson claims, contrary to what his wife thinks, that Spider-Man is a menace, not a hero. His son, John Jameson is who he considers a true hero.

The scene jumps to his son, who was a handpicked pilot for Capt. America. Captain America is seen at the scene where John Jameson, relieving some officers of their duties. From the awesome art, its quite obvious that something is wrong with Capt.

Back at NYC, Spider-Man continues to fight the Octo-bots when one of the robots start self destructing. He later finds out that his ex-fling chic girl - Black Cat was behind it. Felicia sees that Spidey is impressed and asks him to put in a word to Capt America about her to see if she can join them. As an added 'bonus' she asks Spidey to try to imagine what working together would be like.

Spidey quickly swings away from his temptress remembering that he now has a girlfriend - Carlie. Spidey thinks and reminds himself why he does what he does.

In the next scene, Electro is seen complaining about how he was designated a task by Octavius, far below his abilities. He is met by the Chameleon, who posed as Capt America. Apparently Octavius had recruited a number of Spider-Mans enemies to achieve his goals. Dr. Ock explains how the entire attack in the city was just a distraction to learn from the Avengers. A much bigger plan is in store. As such, he orders all his robots to self destruct.

Sandman is furious upon hearing this, knowing the danger it poses to all the lives in the city, including his daughter's. Dr. Ock however assures him that Spider-Man is a genius and will find a way to stop it.

In the city, the Avenger's suddenly see time bombs ticking away on the giant Robots. Immediately Mr. Fantastic and Iron man, being the smartest, work on diffusing the bombs. Mr Fantastic conclude that stopping one will stop all the bombs. Just as the two begin running out of options however, Spidey gets a brilliant idea as to how to delay the bombs from exploding. He succeeds, impressing Iron Man and Mr Fantastic.

At the Front line, Peter Parker as found a job, moving furniture, boxes, luggage and computers around the office. Peter learns that Norah is being given a case about the new "Goblin Culture" filled with Goblin tatoos, goblin signs and etc all over the streets.

Working with Peter, is Ben Urich's nephew, who I suppose was not as fortunate in life and landed a job moving things at his uncle's office. Norah, without thinking gives him a hard time about his condition. He overhears however about the new case Norah is on and thinks to himself what she would do if she knew he was one of those in the goblin culture.

These are the same kinda tatoos that Vin had and showed to Harry in Amazing Spider-Man 647

Major Jameson is next seen approaching the Frontline office. He has repurchased the shares from the DB, former Daily Bugle. He then gives all documentations necessary to Robbie, (also in the office), making him the new owner of the Bugle. In case you are wondering, this was all Marla ( Jameson's wife) plan.

Peter, unable to get an advance for his work, heads back to his apartment, where he finds, a beautifully drawn Michelle, locking up. She has cleared the apartment stating that her brother will be coming back. Peter obviously can't stay there anymore since he hasn't paid his rent for a while now.

Peter takes his things and webs them up somewhere while he looks for a place to stay. Basically he calls up his former roomate, who said no. He then visits Carlie, who doesn't want to rush things between them too fast.  Betty doesn't answer her phone, and Flash doesn't take to the idea either. We later find out that he was busy screwing Betty over at his place. Finally Peter goes to MJ, who just bursts out laughing thinking about it.

In the meantime, good old wife of Jameson, came to visit Aunt May and her husband ( Jameson Sr). Marla comes with her son - John Jameson, grandson of Jameson Sr. As the grandfather and grandson chat, Marla asks Aunt May about Peter, hoping he has some skills that could help her find him a job.

Unable to find a place, Peter returns to Aunt May, embarrassed to ask if he could move in with her again. As he approaches the door, Marla greets him, telling him that they are about to meet his high school idol - Max Modell. As they enter the car, Peter senses that someone is watching him. Twelve blocks away, the same metahuman who was spying and Jameson earlier was spying on Pete as well. He clearly has something against Jameson, and wants to recruit Mac Gargan to help him take down the Mayor.

To cut it short, Peter lands a job with Max Modell as a scientist, who is free to come and go as he wishes. He also gets paid for studying the material and receives his first cheque on the day itself. (Unbelievable)

Venom/ Mac Gargan is seen being held captive in a private sector. In a final scene, Spidey sleeps out in the open for a night, studying his books. King Pin is seen, being told that the attempt to create Vibranium (material from space that absorbs impact/ vibration) at Modell's lab went wrong. Peter pretty much landed the job because he prevented an absolute destruction of the lab due to the failed attempt to create Vibranium.

Anyway, the King Pin states that he still wants this imperfect Vibranium. He also hires a new Hobgoblin to work for him.

This issue provides the foundation for another 100 stories to come. I really took a long time doing this review, wanting to add as many images as possible to show off the great art. I can definitely say I enjoyed this issue thoroughly.We have a number of bad guys planning a hard life for Spidey, while Spidey, unaware of it all is having the best day of his life in a long while. Look out for the part 2 review featuring the new Spider-Girl soon.


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