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Posted by bps 05 November 2010

So, this is the real end of Brand New Day. The next issue will be Big Time, something that I'm sure many fans are looking forward to. This issue is a really long issue with lots of sub stories in it. Here's my attempt to review it at one go.

Main Story
The opening scene is of a man who just got out of prison, getting a coffee at the same place that Rhino met Oksana. There we see a photo of Oksana in memory of her (She became the wife of the Rhino, who became good for a while, but died)

The next scene is of Peter and his moody friend Carlie. They were supposed to be picking costumes for a Halloween party. Carlie however is upset and does not want to go. She is upset at Peter for not making a move ( in short words). I am really not a big fan of Carlie, but lets carry on. Peter is then seen on the phone, explaining to Michelle how he will be late meeting Vin for his release from prison of some sort.  Vin is Michelle's brother who was a dirty cop.

In the next scene, Peter walk out of the store alone, and witnesses a kidnap by Overdrive ( some goon who can change cars into awesome cars). Peter uses a Spider-Man Halloween costume, since his is in the wash, and goes after the crook and catches him ( in short).

Michelle is seen next, surprised to see Peter already with Vin, early for once. Vin talks about Carlie with Peter ( he used to have a thing for Carlie). Peter says that he doesn't think anything will result from his relationship with her though.

Vin is next seen at the police station, walking free, approaching Carlie, claiming he needs her to listen to him. That night, everyone arrives for the Halloween party, which is also the last time we will ever see Harry since he is going into hiding to protect his son.

Peter arrives at the party dressed as Jonah Jameson Jr. He then sees Felicia at the party with Vin, who looks stunning as ever ( at least for this art). This Felicia however turns out to be Carlie, dressed as the Black Cat. Apparently Vin convinced her to come to the party.

In probably one of the more interesting scenes, Vin approaches Harry saying that his father ( Norman) sends a message to take care of the kid. He then lifts his sleeve showing a tatoo of the green goblin. After seeing Carlie with Vin, Peter needs to go out to get some air. There he sees MJ, dressed as Jackpot, who to my disliking convinces Peter to get together with Carlie. With that, Peter walks in the house, finds Carlie and asks her to be his girlfriend. The first story ends with them kissing in the kitchen.

Story 2 - Honor thy Father

After the party, Vin walks out to be greeted by Harry. Harry, somehow electrocutes Vin, threatening him never to threaten his son again. He then punches Vin bloody, wipes his hands and walks off.

Story 3 - Stand off
This story was really a waste. We see Mayor Jameson making a new law stating that citizens are not to touch public property, and that such things, like repair, for instance are for those paid to do it. Later we see that a lamp post has fallen and is obstructing traffic. Spidey tries to move it but is stopped by the police. After much negotiating, Spidey says he will lift it, so that the traffic can flow until the crane comes. Then the crane can lift it.

He holds the lamp post till the crane is 5 mins away. He then puts it down as ordered by the police, only to have the mayors car crash right into it. Turtled in the car, Spidey refuses to help Jameson out until he revokes the new law he had just made. Jameson eventually agrees and things are set back to normal.

Story 4 - Norah last day 
Peter notices Norah is having a bad day. He finds out that she is moving out of New York but does not want to tell why. That night, Spidey meets Norah, takes her around NYC, and then fishes out that Norah is leaving because her mother says she is not being a productive reporter in the city. Spidey advises her to stay and to help change the city as a reporter. The next day, Norah is back to normal, and is staying in NY.

Story 5 - American Hero
This story features Flash Thompson, former classmate of Peter, who looked up to Spider-Man. He went to the army and came back without legs. He recently wrote an article stating how he looked up to Spidey as an example to follow.

We see Flash by himself in an alley when he is attacked by muggers. He fights them off as much as he can till Spidey appears and helps him out. After the action the two chat. At the end of it all, we find that both parties look up to the other for inspiration.

Story 6 - You Again?
This is the story of Mia, the girl who kissed Peter at the very first issue of BND ( 101 issues ago) Apparently she was trying to get Harry's attention.

88 issues ago, she was standing outside the club waiting to catch a glimpse of Harry, hwom she is very much interested in.

79 issues ago, we see her at the FEAST looking for Peter, still hoping he can get her close to Harry.

56 issues ago we see her still looking for Peter at Jameson's Campaign headquarters, where Peter was supposed to be.

52 issues ago, Mia is talking to Venom, who at that time is posing as Spidey, asking questions about Peter. Venom later eats her dog.

47 issues ago, Mia hopes to get Peter's attention by catching Aunt May's wedding flowers. Unfortunately for her, MJ appears and steals the show.

44 issues ago, she finally meets Peter outside the coffee bean and exchanges numbers with him. We later find out that it was actually the Chameleon posing as Peter.

In this issue, she appears in the kitchen, witnessing Peter and Carlie kissing. Annoyed and depressed, she goes outside to the hall where she meets Harry. Harry talks to her and explains how he's leaving for good. Upon hearing this, she gets upset and storms out the house.

This was definitely a fantastic way to end Brand New Day. Fortunately I have some time on my hands to do a review of such a long issue. (Even if it is a few days late) The issue ends with some previews for coming stories, featuring Spider-girl, and an Osborn series. See the video for Big Time on the right side bar.


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