Amazing Spider-Man 643

Posted by bps 16 September 2010

At the end of the previous issue, Dr Octopus managed to deliver Lily's baby, thankfully without ripping her apart.
This issue starts exactly as it had ended - with everyone strangled against the wall by one of Dr Octopus' arms.

The Story
Spidey manages to get free from Dr Ock's grip and makes a run for it. Automatically, Dr Ock forgets about the rest of his hostages aka ordinary people with no powers like MJ, Carlie, and Harry, and chases Spidey for obvious reasons.

Spider-Man manages to steal the baby from Doc. Ock and again makes another run for his life, while trying to find a place to keep the baby safe. This pretty much sums up the entire issue. Some other unimportant details that appear in this issue include:

  1. All innocent bystanders see Spidey runing with a baby, thus making it seem as if he is a crook

  2. Jameson takes the opportunity to have all his men chase and capture Spider-Man for kidnapping

  3. Lily, looking pretty ugly, seems to have human concern for her newborn

  4. Carlie is being silly and thinks that Peter is stuck somewhere under the rubble. She is also under the impression that MJ and Harry couldn't care about Pete.

  5. Spider-Man has to fight Electro and Sandman, and he eventually wins by turning Sandman into glass using Electro's powerful blast of lightning

  6. The police catch up to Spidey and want to arrest him

  7. Jameson is eventually told by Secret Service that the kid is likely to be Osborn's

  8. Carlie find herself in some trouble while searching the rubble

  9. Spidey continues to run away with the baby

I didn't think this issue was very much better than the previous one. Then again, the whole Gauntlet series started off pretty slow, with the similar bad art as well. Strangely enough, that series ended well. 

I really wonder if I am the only one who noticed that the lil baby has elf like ears. Was the baby intentionally drawn that way since it is the child of the Green Goblin and Menace? Or was it just more bad art. 


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