Shadowland part 1 Review

Posted by matthewaos 30 August 2010

Daredevil has been leading the hand for quite some time now. He tries to make good use of it but issue after issue it consumes him more. He is building a prison in Hell's Kitchen cause he does not trust the police, they can be bribed. In Shadowland stars Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and more. I will seperate the reviews in five parts, with the mini series as the main attraction, and a reference to all the other tie ins of the month.

Shadowland #1 starts with the inner circle of the hand, knowing that they have trapped Daredevil (and the White Tiger has been shown in previous issues working for them) making some ceremony, talking about Snakeroot.

In New York, a plane transfers Bullsey, cahined up. He starts saying crazy (and funny) stuff about the Sentry, so as to scare the guards. With a very clever way he manages to kill them all and escape, bringing the plane is Shadowland.

At Avengers Tower, Luke Cage seems very worried about Matt while Iron Fist tries to calm him, though he has heard of some disappearances. The two have come to talk to the other Avengers, Iron Man, Thor Captain America, for some advice. They tell him to talk to him, and tell him that they have his back. But only if Shadowland is strictly temporary.

Bullseye in Shadowland tries to bring Matt out, and he does and we see his black costume for the first time. He is along with several ninjas. They fight hard, but Daredevil is not like he used to be, he is cold now. Bullseye realises this but not in time, as Daredevil puts a sai through his chest!

Daredevil #508
gives us Foggy's Blake's and Dakot'a perspective of the story, trying to contact Matt. We also see Master Izo working with Elektra and Daredevil in a privete momment where he seems like beening possessed or something.

In general, an interesting start.My only problem is that death has been something hard to believe in comics, so I doubt Bullseye is dead, but I'm gonna believe it for the benefit of the story. To be honest though I'm not impressed by Tan's art. He sure has some good momments but he is not my cup of tea. Spider-Man does not appear at all in the first month of Shadowland, but if you like street level characters you should pick this I think, maybe it's just marvel's hype machine, but I am very excited about it for quite some time now!


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