Amazing Spider-Man 638

Posted by bps 24 July 2010

Now that Grim hunt has finally concluded, Spider-Man has some free time on his hands. In this issue MJ pays him a visit, and the two think back about their past. Zero for story line here, but we all need this issue to clear some things up.

The story
It starts almost a hundred issues back. Where Mephisto is proposing a deal to Peter to save Aunt May's life. The deal would involve Peter sacrificing his marriage to save Aunt May. Continuity would change and Peter and MJ would never have been married.

The big secret that MJ whispered to Mephisto turned out to be a big kill joy. What she had to offer was nothing more than the ability to convince her husband to sacrifice the marriage.

It all jumps forward to current time, where MJ is paying Peter a visit. They chat casually for a while until Peter finally asks MJ if she ever regretted not getting married. In a flash back, Peter remembers stopping Electro and his thugs once as Spider-Man. What he did not know is that one of the thugs manage to escape with the help of a bird. (Really weird)

This day also happens to be the day before their wedding. Peter has second thoughts, thinking how his life as Spider-Man might risk MJ's life as it did for Gwen. The two talk briefly later and tell one another that they each would be having a 'bachelors' party. Peter's party is more like a chat at a coffee shop between three friends, while MJ, as is expected, has a full on party with lotsa muscular guys and etc.

Over at the coffee bean however, Harry and Flash help to clear Peter's doubts about marriage. MJ on other hand is being bombarded with doubts. One thing that she does look forward to however is the end to lonely nights at home. ( which we all know she experiences a lot with Peter ) Peter obviously apologizes for that.

Peter also recalls a nightmare he had, where he was dressed as Spidey and about to get married when all his enemies appear and ruin everything. Unable to sleep that night, he swings out to stop some crime. He bumps into the first thug that was helping Electro the day before. The two fight and start falling from a building. Spidey breaks the thug's fall, resulting in him being squashed overnight. By the time he woke up, the wedding was called off.

The issue ends with both Peter and MJ looking very bummed.

I really thought this issue lacked a good story. There was so much potential for the first issue. Nevertheless, it was not entirely a disappointment as it did serve its purpose to fill in some missing blanks. As to why Peter missed his wedding, we can't complain too much because this whole continuity was created by Mephisto. He's the reason Peter missed the wedding in the weirdest way. In reality, we all know that Peter did actually make it. It's not exactly Mephisto's duty to make sure Peter had a good excuse to miss the wedding.

Art in this issue is a little weird, but I wouldn't complain about it.


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