OMIT peak

Posted by bps 22 June 2010

We, the general public, have been given the opportunity to peak at some scenes from OMIT - the biggest story yet, to be released in July. For more information on OMIT check out ...O.M.I.T

Questions regarding Peter and MJ's wedding, their baby, the infamous whisper and a bunch of other things will be answered in this mini series we've been waiting for.

Enjoy it.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001

The Daily Bugle goes all digital and a classic Spidey foe makes his Ultimate debut.
The Story

Aunt May declares that there be "no more superheroes" at a family meeting consisting of Peter Parker, Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake and Gwen Stacy. With Kitty's meltdown fresh in the public's minds, May feels that the superheroics should be put on hold until things cool off. Bobby realizes that he needs money, and pretty soon he's working with Peter at Burger Frog.

After work the next day Mary Jane shows Peter and Gwen the footage she took last issue and asks them what she should do with it. Peter suggests that she take it to Ben Urich.

At the building Peter and MJ show Ben the footage. After testing MJ's journalistic integrity Ben agrees to report the story and MJ goes on record. As Ben and MJ discuss the details Peter notices J. Jonah Jameson and waves to him, but Jonah hardly acknowledges him. To make matters weirder, Jameson starts to make his spider-sense go off. Peter follows Jameson through the elevators down into the parking lot. Peter confronts JJ, who quickly attacks and knocks him out via electric shock. The fake JJ, who appears to be an Ultimate version of the Chameleon, tosses Peter in his trunk and takes his shape. The Chameleon (as Peter) heads back to MJ and Ben.


Do we really need another Chameleon posing as Peter story after Fred Van Lente did it so brilliantly in Amazing Spider-Man #603 not too long ago? And although this is his first appearance, it is already apparent that the Ultimate Chameleon is no where near as interesting as his mainstream counter part. Making him a shapeshifting mutant should serve the story well, but it lacks the charm of the 'master of disguise' aspect of the original. Still better than a morphing belt.

I was slightly disappointed by this issue as the story is heading for some recently covered ground, but you can never count Bendis out. Could we get two classic Chameleon stories in a relatively short period of time?


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