Spectacular Spider-Girl #2 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 15 June 2010

April reveals her true colours as the Punisher enters the fray.

The Story

Spider-Girl beats down a group of thugs and learns that it was Don Silvio who started the gang war against the Black Tarantula.

Peter and Mary Jane Parker learn that the Punisher is back in town. Peter promises MJ that he will keep Mayday out of the gang war.

Normie Osborn fills Spider-Girl in on the Punisher and his history with Don Silvio. The Punisher seemingly ended his war on crime a while back when he crippled Silvio as a warning to other criminals.

Upon learning that the Punisher is back in town, Silvio freaks out and orders the immediate deaths of Spider-Girl and the Black Tarantula. The Punisher believes that it was the Black Tarantula who informed him of Silvio's return. He leaves a not-so-subtle message for the Tarantula that he is not to be toyed with.

April gets a call from Man Mountain Marko and changes into Mayhem to go meet him. Spider-Girl notices Mayhem swinging across town and follows her. She witnesses her meeting with Marko and confronts her afterward. Marko asked Mayhem to kill the Tarantula, a task she agreed to, thinking it the best way to end the gang war. When Spider-Girl objects to her plan, Mayhem attacks her. Before throwing Spider-Girl off the roof, Mayhem reveals that she killed Tombstone. Devastated by Mayhem's revelation, Spider-Girl crawls back up the building only to find the Punisher waiting for her.

With Spider-Girl supposedly coming to an end (again) Tom DeFalco has only this 4 issue mini and a one shot to wrap everything up. As such, the gang war storyline is coming to an end at breakneck pace, and it's pretty awesome. If this issue is any indication, the latter half of this series will be one hell of a ride, and Spider-Girl will go out on another high note.
What really made this issue for me was the confrontation between May and April. April has been the most interesting character in this book as of late. Her setting out on a self destructive path has been a long time coming, and I am very interested to see where her character ultimately ends up.


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