Siege Review

Posted by matthewaos 11 June 2010

Siege, an event “seven years in the making” is where we supposedly say goodbye to the dark and gritty atmosphere that plagued the marvel universe lately (actually, the last seven years), and we go forward into the heroic age, where heroes are once again portrayed as heroes and nothing is wrong with the world… until the next crisis!

The Story

I don’t want to spend much time on the actual story, since it is pretty much known, and also cause this blog is about Spider-Man, so we mostly care about him during the event.

Anyway, in The Cabal one shot it was shown that Osborn wanted Taskmaster as the new member, but Doom considered this traitorous and left. Osborn seems generally ready to lose it, and Loki is telling him to invade Asgard, cause it’s not supposed to be on Earth. Osborn organizes the U-Foes to cause an accident, making people remember the Stanford incident that cause the Civil War.

Osborn with H.A.M.M.E.R., his Avengers and the Initiative attack Asgard, and Thor is down quickly. There are several great moments with Taskmaster, mostly in the Initiative tie – in, they worth your time. Steve Rogers sees this, gathers anyone he can find (basically the New and Young Avengers and the Secret Warriors) and go to Agard, though after a while the Hood’s gang also arrives. Ares realizes that Osborn tricked him and he is caught in a fight with Sentry, which concludes with the god of war in two pieces.

The fight lasts long but it’s obvious from the beginning who will be the winner. In Siege: Spider-Man we see a more detailed fight between our favorite hero and Venom, guest starring Ms. Marvel. The characterization in the issue is very good, with Spider-Man saying that he does not belong in the Avengers. Though I could live with only the conversations, cause the action scenes are predictable and are there only to fill in the dialogue. It is also heavily hinted that Ms. Marvel have some feelings towards Spidey (for which relationship I don’t care, personally), and she convinces him that he belongs in the super power people fighting gods. Bulletproofsponge has a more detailed review here.
Speed goes and finds Tony Stark and gives him the classic armor so he arrives at the last minute. He speaks a code and the Iron Patriot armor is falling down, and we see that freakish moment where Osborn has painted his face like the Green Goblin. The moment that most Spider-Man fans were waiting is happening, and Spidey punches Osborn in the face! But then his “secret weapon” the Sentry attack and he transforms into some weird cthulhu – like creature, and Osborn shouts the he is the angel of death!

Loki has a change of heart apparently and takes the power of the Norn stones from Hood and gives them to the heroes. Stark transforms the helicarrier into a bullet, Thor strikes with lightning, and Bob is dead. Then Thor takes the body and throws it into the sun, like leaving it to rest there. The end! After that, the president calls Steve Rogers telling him that he wants him top cop and throws the registration act. Steve says that there is no SHIELD, no HAMMER, only the Avengers.


There are many details I could go into but this is what happens and the tie ins help the story much. One of the arguments of the Bendis bashers is that he stretches his stories in more issues than it should be, though I think that here it seems a little rushed, and too much is happening. I think I would like another issue, but I also think that most people are happy to see this end as quick as possible, considering everyone knew how this would conclude.

I am not a big fan of Coipel’s art but I know many people are so who am I to ruin it for them. To be honest I liked him here, more than his Thor work. Maybe I would have preferred someone else for an event that stars virtually all the marvel universe.
As for the seven years in the making. With the announcement of the Heroic Age I got flashbacks from Quesada’s early days as editor in chief, where simple stories were produced for the characters and not major crisis were hanging over the heads of all the heroes. The marvel universe was very exciting the last seven years and I started reading books that I would normally not, like Avengers, and with some of them I stuck, and probably I’ll continue reading.
Quesada’s plot is very visible now, as to what he wants from the marvel properties to do: Every once in a while have the universe upside down to the point that it is not recognizable anymore, and then revert it back to its original form. This is also very much visible to characters like Iron Man and Spidey considering their latest storylines. What I love and hate at the same time is this: Quesada has made several comments about the job and how it works. He was not the guy who would give the answer a fanboy would want or waited, like many previous editors in chief. This I admire on him, though the internet has helped. But on the other hand, I sometimes prefer not to read so many interviews and not telling me specifics about how an editorial meeting is held, cause it kind of ruins the magic of reading a story and be surprised, not thinking “they obviously did this so to launch a new book, and have the character look more like the movie”. I hope I am making sense.

Anyway. Osborn was actually not the right man in the right place. Ultimately he was the one to pay for everything happened after Disassembled. The “big three” are together again, the only one who is left not changed back to the original is Captain America, and I am glad for this. For all those who really loved titles like Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts, the choices are very narrow as it seems. Considering everything, House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign etc, it was a very nice trip which I have many nice memories. The only sad thing for me was the falling of the registration act, a subplot which I really liked and I wanted to see more, but I understand it had to leave.

I wonder if Quesada is going to leave the status quo unchained from now on, or if in a few years he wants to make another trip like that.


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