Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 review

Posted by Combustible Pumpkins 09 May 2010

Spidey and Wolverine get zapped 65 million years into the past! Wolverine feels right at home, Spidey resorts to cutting word carvings.

~The Story~

Spidey is in the midst of foiling a bank robbery perpetrated by The Orb (who sports a huge eyeball helmet with a snazzy star harnessed outfit) and his criminal crew of Orblings. Suddenly an Orbling races out of a bank vault gripping a glowing bag announcing he just lifted some weird diamonds. Spidey knocks the bag from his hand. Enter Wolverine who slices the Orbling's gun in two before the bag hits the ground. In that moment, both Spidey and Wolverine begrudgingly acknowledge one another, and as the bag lands on the floor the heroes disappear into the Mesozoic era.

A long undisclosed amount of time passes. Peter Parker has grown a beard, and his Spidey threads are shred. He only uses part of his mask as a bandanna, but still uses the gloves and boots. He's frustrated at night by dreams of a mysterious beautiful woman which compels him during the day to carve her face in wood. He's caged large bugs to study and created a large telescope on top of a very large and slender mountain peak. It's there he spots the high-velocity meteor that's careening towards Earth. He knows this is the very meteor that brings about the mass extinction of most life in a relatively short period of time.

All of this seems morbid, but Spidey keeps his sense of humor throughout this as is seen later when he pesters Wolverine about mingling with the natives. Yep, Wolverine leads semi-furry Neanderthals in a valley below a fiery volcano against a group of muscular Homo Eretus invaders. Sounds like something Wolverine would do, doesn't it? After the battle ends, Spidey (who the natives refer to as The Spider-God) arrives to remind Wolverine that he's tampering with their future timeline by living with this tribe and that they're all going to die the next day due to the meteor impact.

That evening Wolverine begins a meditation of his life since it seems that it will end soon, when suddenly he is interrupted by a being with a metallic tentacle-like headdress. We don't get a good look at this being, and we don't get to hear what the being explains to Wolverine. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is awake and is working out equations that will somehow absorb the energy of the meteor preventing the mass extinction; but alas, he doesn't have enough time. The meteor strikes, but in a sudden flash of light Peter appears in a demolished room with Wolverine standing over him. Wolverine admits Pete was right about their future being altered and the story ends with a Neanderthal (or quite possibly Wolverine from a different time flow!) riding Devil Dinosaur while stomping through New York!


Apparently not only do hominids cohabitate with dinosaurs in Marvel Universe's past, but Neanderthals ride Triceratopses like horses! Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm finally getting the Peter Parker I want. A little more scientist, with a little less ordinary, if you know what I mean.

I really enjoyed this issue, Kubert's art is absolutely solid. I wish we had more of this kind of art in the main title. Aaron's take on these two heroes is most excellent indeed. He has a strong grasp of what motivates these characters and their inner monologues were spot on. I'm sure if you haven't heard the complaint yet, you will, the "this is just like Superman Batman" argument, but so what? This dynamic is much different than its DC counterpart, a lot funnier, I'd say.

This is a "must have" for any Spidey fan. It features mostly one-sided Spidey banter against Wolverine, with Wolverine wishing he was stuck with Shanna The She-Devil, or She-Hulk instead. Not only that there's The Orb cameo. Hello? The Orb?!?!?! He's the very definition of "cult classic". Dude can jump on a chopper and almost out race even Ghost Rider.

If you haven't already, definitely go grab this issue while it's still hot!


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