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Posted by bps 01 April 2010

Before reading this issue, if you do have it on hand, I do suggest reading Nothing can Stop the Juggernaut. Although it is not at all connected, there are some little things that remain constant in both Spider-Man's meetings with Juggernaut. For example, Spider-Man again approaches Dr Strange upon learning about Juggernaut. once again, as in ASM 229, Dr Strange is not in, and Mr Wong is there to assist. Spider-Man also makes a strange reference to himself as 'we Spider-Men' in both Juggernaut stories. Finally, Spider-Man packs his street clothes in a nice cocoon like webbing, just like he did in Amazing Spider-Man 229.

Anyhow, returning to the topic. Amazing Spider-Man 627 is pretty interesting, although I am unable to pin point exactly how necessary this story actually is to continuity.

The Story

The Amazing Spider-Man 627 preview ends with Spider-Man looking towards the sky wondering what could possibly be strong enough to beat up the Juggernaut. The next scene involves Spider-Man recalling his previous encounters with Juggernaut.

As Spider-Man takes his time to think, the police arrive, forcing Spidey to slip into the shadows. He reappears as Peter, back in his street clothes that he packed into a cocoon as in the preview. After shooting some pictures, Spider-Man makes a phone call to Dr Strange, who is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme. Nonetheless he is still an extremely busy man and only Mr Wong is around to answer the phone.

Swinging around thinking who could possible stop the Juggernaut, Spidey spot a car on a high structure. Opening the car, he sees a drunk guy who says that a blue and white flying guy put him up there. Spidey calls it a night and is seen the next day at the laundrette washing his costume.

Somewhere along lines, he remembers that he has a dinner date with Carlie. Carlie gives him some information about Juggernaut being held at an old armory.

 As Spider-Man, he later breaks into the armory and manages to have a few undetected words with Juggernaut. Juggernaut mentions that a blue and white guy who was flying did this to him.

At that moment a blue and white shiny flying guy comes in and introduces himself as Captain Universe and states his intentions of killing Juggernaut.

Personal Thoughts

This issue was pretty good, although I do not see how it can be important to continuity. Obviously this character who claims to be Captain Universe is NOT going to get his butt whipped by Spider-Man.

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed how the issue relates quite strongly to Amazing Spider-Man 229.


Below is a sneak image of what is to come in Amazing Spider-Man 628, besides that from the cover page.

The Amazing Spider-Man 627 review has been put on hold for another hour or so. At least until I complete a quick review for one of the best Spider-Man stories in the past - Nothing can stop the Juggernaut.

In conjunction with Juggernaut reappearing in comics in Amazing Spider-Man 627, Marvel is allowing free reading for the classic here.

The Story very much summarized

Amazing Spider-Man 229

The story opens with someone narrating a dream in Biblical language about the 'Dark One' fighting the Spidery Champion. In the dream, the Dark one defeats the Spidery champion and brings chaos.

Madame Web has the power to see the future. Obviously she saw herself being killed. And only Spidey can save her. Back in real life Madame Web contacts Peter asking for help.

Peter, as Spidey tries for a very long time to stop Juggernaut as he makes his way to kidnap Madame Web as ordered to. Clearly in this issue Spider-Man has never met Juggernaut. He makes his way to Dr Strange to find help. Although Strange is not in, Mr Wong helps, and Spider-Man is able to learn that Juggernaut had some past dealings with the X-Men, who are now too far to help.

Left with no help, Spider-Man goes to Madame Web's apartment before the Juggernaut does. The story ends just like in Madame Web's dream - with Spider-Man dodging all Juggernaut's blows until the ceiling collapses. Juggernaut, unknowingly yanks Madame Web from her life support system. Thinking she is dead, Juggernaut leaves disappointed.

Spider-Man recovers later and decides to continue hunting the Juggernaut.

Amazing Spider-Man 230


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