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Posted by bps 30 March 2010

While this may not have anything to do with Spider-Man comics directly, this post is dedicated to comic fans reading this blog who have, at some point of their lives wished they had owned a piece of original comic art.

Sketch Maven is pretty much the best place there is to order a piece of original comic art. For those who do not know:

Sketch Maven is a marketplace where those looking to buy comic art can find those looking to sell comic art.  The process is simple: artists, dealers, and collectors upload their collections onto the website and post a price for each piece.  Then, buyers can use any number of search functions to find what they’re looking for, add it to their shopping cart, and make the purchase by credit card or PayPal.

They also happen to be recent sponsors for Spider-Man Reviews. For full detail and more information on how their systems work, you can check them out at Sketch Maven. With this website, all comic readers who wish to have a piece of Spider-Man art, or any other art, hanging in their room can easily do so. No longer do you need the rare opportunity of contacting big shot artists. Artists range from professionals to ordinary artists with a potential future. Anyone, including yourself can easily sell comic art with Sketch Maven by simply following their simple steps.

Sketch Maven was founded by Mike Todasco - a comic lover from a young age. He passed up the opportunity to buy his favorite comic art at the pre-Wizard Chicago Comicon when he was in his pre-teens. As years passed he searched the web extensively for that piece of art but could not find it. Realizing there must be others like him he started Sketch Maven.

Sketch Maven makes searching a piece of art simple. Users can easily browse what they are looking for by artists, writers, or comic characters. Some popular character searches include Batman, Transformers, Spider-Man and etc.

To finish up, I'll just post some sample available art. See their website for more.

On the right we have Spider-Man, having some kind of problem with Wolverine, as usual.

This page was from Marvel Adventures: The Avengers # 24.
Find out more about this piece of art here

The image on the left is the original comic art for the Adventures on Superman # 649, as appears on page 5 of the issue.

I chose to post this picture because I remember reading this issue and seeing this page. See more here

If you are a comic reader who has been waiting for a chance to find a website like this, I hope you are satisfied and find what you've been looking for.


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