Amazing Spider-Man 626

Posted by bps 25 March 2010

As if things are not already more complicated than they already are in Brand New Day. We now have a new character in play, wearing some form of a Scorpion costume lady roaming the streets, whose dialog is green.
In the Amazing Spider-Man 626 preview, we saw Michelle in the room, chatting with her new 'boyfriend.'

While in the room, Peter's Spider-sense go off, causing him to be suspicious of her new boyfriend. In an effort to keep Michelle from danger, he stalks this guy, who leads him to a group of thugs led by the Hood.

The Hood has come into possession of the original Scorpion costume. He has rounded together a bunch of small time thugs to fight. The winner will be given the Scorpion costume. As Spider-Man watches, he bumps into some female, non attractive version of the Scorpion. While Spidey tries to explain he is one of the good guys, after getting the impression that she is one too, this girl Scorpion decides to do Spidey a disfavor and stings him.

She then disappears into the dark. Spidey continues to stalks the Hood and his friends. Unfortunately, he suddenly starts losing his Spider powers. Left defenseless, the Hood orders Spidey to be killed. Obviously the 'girl Scorpion' comes just in time to distract everybody and runs off with the Scorpion suit. Spidey then changes into Peter and is soon spotted by Michelle.

Michelle tells her story of how the man he followed was not her boyfriend. Instead, he was her client whom she failed to prove innocent of a robbery when he was a kid. ( Michelle is a lawyer ) The two run into a little trouble along the way, nothing that Michelle and her martial art skills can't handle though.

Somewhere along the line, Peter's Spider powers come back, just in time as all the bad guys spot them. At this point, Michelle's client explains that he was never innocent, and that he did commit the crimes he was charged for. Michelle is dumbfounded and Peter knocks him out. He then tells Michelle to go somewhere safe, giving no explanation to where he is going. He quickly changes into Spider-Man and returns to the scene to rescue the crazy woman who stung him in the first place, from a lot of trouble she just got herself into.

At the end of the day, everybody gets out safely, and this new Scorpion got what she was looking for - the original Scorpion suit. Spidey has no time to make friends, and rushes off to meet with Michelle. If there is anything good that resulted from this issue, its that Michelle acknowledges her biased feelings toward Peter. They then make a truce and I suppose remain good house mates.

Elsewhere, we see that the Scorpion girl was working for the Kravens, who wanted to have the Scorpion costume in their possession.

Nothing special about this issue really. I was hoping to find a much cooler Scorpion lady when I first read about her appearing in issue 626. Everything here is pretty much expected. It was obvious that the Kraven's wanted the Scorpion costume.

In Siege: Spider-Man #1 preview art, we've had the privilege of seeing Mac Gargan being pulled out of the Venom suit. Anyone else thinking that the Kravens will recruit him and give him back his old costume? They must have seen the preview art as well.


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