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Posted by bps 24 March 2010

Of late, characters from the Amazing Spider-Man have been given a chance to run their own mini titles. Some stories so far have been really good - like Anti-Venom for example. While others, in my opinion, aren't that great aka Jackpot.

Regardless, below are two mini stories that I will personally be looking forward to.

In June, we have Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat

This issue should be really interesting, as I am guessing that Spider-Man and Felicia's fling will more than likely be over by then. Or will it?

We also have Peter Parker's best friend, son of the goblin, and the "Captain America" of the Dark Avengers - Harry Osborn in his title: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son in May. 

Harry is, at current living with Mary Jane. He last wore the American Son costume to fight Norman in Amazing Spider-Man 599

That's all for now - the two most anticipated Amazing Spider-Man Presents issues to come. 


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