Deadpool # 20 review

Posted by Combustible Pumpkins 28 February 2010

This issue is lock, stock and loaded with genuine laughs. The scene opens with Deadpool asking to crash at Spidey's crib. Ha! Spidey almost immediately puts it together and accuses Deadpool of being afraid of a monkey! (due to Deadpool being an assassin, and Hit-Monkey only hittin' assassins and all.) Deadpool becomes distracted as he explains he's no longer a mercenary when suddenly, mid-sentence, he finds himself alone. Good one, Spidey!

Real impressed with writer Way here, especially the next scene which could be submitted for a Quentin Tarantino film. Crooked cops appear with their personalities developed in short spurts of dialogue only to, BANG!, be murdered at the paws of the gun-wielding Hit-Monkey! Now that's how you write a comic.


(Hopefully a lot of you are thinking, err, CP, hold on here, Monkeys don't have paws, they have hands with opposable thumbs like we do. Well! Either Spidey doesn't know this, or he does, and thinks Deadpool's a dope, as we shall see in the next sentence or two.)

Unlike last issue, Spidey gets some funny jabs in, like when asked by Deadpool to prove who he really was, Spidey slyly gives him the middle finger as he shows Deadpool that he has thumbs... because monkeys don't have thumbs, you see. Now here's something I don't get. How come Deadpool's wearing what I believe to be a maid's outfit? Hello? Anyone? Bueller? Anyway, I laughed at my own lack of understanding. Spidey begrudgingly admits Deadpool was right about there actually being a Hit-Monkey, due to the bloody monkey paw marks left at the scene of the murdered police officers. Anyhow, Deadpool feels a wonderous kinship with Spidey now and asks him what they should do, but Spidey, thinking Deadpool would of known, doesn't know! (All the while a big smile is on my face, there's honest to goodness chemistry between the two characters.) All they can figure is to find out who Hit-Monkey will go after and spring a trap; and as they're putting it together that he's after Deadpool and probably followed Spidey, BANG! Hit-Monkey is on them, spraying bullets, wounds Deadpool, and apparently flees. Deadpool is hurt bad but assures Spidey he'll be ok in twenty minutes. It then occurs to Spidey Deadpool can't be killed and consequently feels like a fool, so he has an idea...

Spidey lets Hit-Monkey kill Deadpool! THEN Spidey and Hit-Monkey become friends and do up the town together! Everyone is excited too because Deadpool is dead and the mayor even gives Spidey the golden key to NYC. All of this depicted in comic book panels without informing the reader the panels weren't really part of the story. So when your brain fibers start firing as Mr. Continuity, just HOLD! ON!, Spidey knows that sharp-shootin' simian's a killer, and he was only joking, you see. Deadpool, however, felt them were fighting words, but gets interrupted by Hit-Monkey assailing them with more bullets. More fun banter ensues courtesy of Deadpool even before and after Spidey saves him. Deadpool splits! Spidey's wounded. Hit-Monkey pauses, looks at Spidey sympathetically and begins to look over Spidey's wound when suddenly Deadpool appears behind him and tells him to get his paws off Spidey. Hit-Monkey flips over Deadpool and proceeds to shoot him with his gun-weilding feet (which have opposable thumbs on them as well, you see).


The art is leaps and bounds above the last issue, and here was a story segment that seemed over before it barely started, the issue was that good.



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