Clone Saga 6

Posted by bps 27 February 2010

This is the finale to the grand 'Original' Clone Saga as it was supposed to end. Before I start reviewing the issue, I must add that this is a cheesy ending to the story. This story illustrates how comics used to be - i.e. the good guys always win.

Before reading the review, you may want to take a look at the Clone Saga 6 of 6 preview. Once again, as in most of the Clone saga issues, the cover page has nothing to do with the story. 

The story. 

The preview ends with Kaine, the corrupted clone of Peter Parker, having a conversation with Norman Osborn's clone. In their conversation, 'Norman' learns that he is not the original. Harry, in the meantime, is getting a thrill out of bruising Ben badly. He then sends off some fireworks which explode into a goblin's face design. As he intended, the fireworks caught the attention of the real Spider-Man. 

While Spider-Man makes his way to the source of the fireworks, Kaine explains how baby May, whom he was supposed to kill, is innocent and part of his family. He ponders out loud if any child should have to pay for the sins of their father. 

Spider-Man is surprised to see his brother, Ben hanging from chains in the Oscorp building ( source of the fireworks). He is then attacked from behind by Harry. While the two fight, Norman explains to Kaine that this endless fight between Spider-Man and the goblin must end tonight. 

Strangely enough, Norman Osborn appears in the fight scene with his goblin costume and starts fighting his son. With the help of Peter and Ben, the three take Harry down. Norman Osborn ultimately sacrifices his own life to save Peter. As he disintegrates, he tells Harry to stop wasting his time. Kaine returns baby May to Mary Jane and tell her to inform Ben and Peter that Kaine will no longer be any trouble. 

The story ends with Ben Reilly riding off on his bike into the unknown, possibly to be seen in at a later stage. 

Personal Thoughts

Overall, these six issues have been most enjoyable. As mentioned in the beginning, the issue has a very cheesy ending. Both Ben Reilly and Kaine live on to continue their unknown lives. Harry on the other hand goes about his own life, most likely to stir up something else in time to come. 

The story still leaves some things hanging such as:
  1. How is Harry still alive?
  2. Why isn't Ben still Spider-Man since Peter has his kid back?
  3. etc

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed your copy. 


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