Web of Spider-Man 5

Posted by bps 23 February 2010

This comic left me in space after reading it for at least a minute. As all Web of Spider-Man issues, this comic contained three stories. The first story is not fantastic, but a simple story about the original Vulture and what he has been doing. The second story, which I will not review, is about May Parker, and takes place in an alternate universe where Peter and Mary Jane had a daughter who inherited her father's Spider-powers. The final story is the one that really lost me. Anyhow, read below for more.

The first story - Gauntlet Origins: Vulture

The story begins with the original Vulture ( Adrian Toomes ) in jail, watching the news, featuring the new red vulture. In prison, he is summoned by Titus Purves, the president of some gang. Purves reveals that he wants the Vulture to build him the same flying machine to get him out of prison in exchange for the life of his daughter and grandson.

For those who couldn't figure it out, Purves, while in jail, was still able to contact his gang members and give them instructions. The Vulture agrees to do as he asks. A month later, the two go out to an open space where Purves, with the new machine is able to fly out of prison. The Vulture is then approached by two thugs who want to kill him. Strangely enough another two African men appear from behind the shadows and kill the two thugs instead.

We later find out that the Vulture had contacted 'African Nation' and told them he could kill the president of the Aryan Brand aka Purves. Black limos are seen appearing at the Vulture's daugther's house and killing Purve's men.

The Vulture also deactivates Purve's suit and makes a wish as he sees a 'falling star' drop to the ground. Like I said, this story was not all that interesting. It was also certainly not important either. The third story however would be worth your money.

The Third story - Nobody

For starters, this story begins several years ago. Unfortunately it does not actually mention how many years ago. The opening scene involves a toilet cleaner who looks like a druggie named Henry Jones. His two seniors are making fun of him, calling him brain dead and a zombie. They then instruct Jones to clean a really gross toilet. All this while Henry Jones does not mutter a word.

He proceeds to clean the toilet while thinking to himself. See this image below, and I swear you will be as lost as I was when I read it.

Well, as the story goes, he is not actually Peter Parker, but is Ben Reilly instead. Now do you understand why I wished it was specified as to when this was taking place? Anyhow, in this issue, Ben is extremely depressed. He has changed his name and started cleaning toilets for a living. As Ben ponder's on his past, his senior appears and pushes Ben's face into the toilet bowl.

Although slightly pissed at first, he then calms down and proceeds to wash his face. Later that day, Ben grabs a cold beer and does more thinking. On his way home, which he describes as a 'One room flea circus,' his Spider-sense start tingling.

He appears at a house where some goons are trying to rob a family in their home. The father has been knocked unconscious and the mother about to be raped upstairs. Ben obviously appears in time to save the day.

At the end of the issue, Ben back at his workplace, and is reading about himself in the newspapers. He quits his job and decides to move on with life and be as delusional as Peter Parker.

Personal thoughts

I cant help but wonder is Ben Reilly is in fact still alive somewhere, using the name Henry Jones. Definitely have to look out for a Henry Jones in the Spider-Man comics from now on. In all the other Web of Spider-Man issues, the third story is always in current timeline. I suppose we can expect to see Ben Reilly back in action in a few months.


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