Amazing Spider-Man 620

Posted by bps 11 February 2010

An absolutely fantastic end to the Mysterio story. From the cover, we can pretty much expect that this is the point where Myterio gets busted, and eventually is set free by the rest of Spider-Man's foes who are working together with Sasha and Ana Kraven.

So, in the preview, we see how Mysterio is planning for his biggest gig yet. We also find out that Carlie has slipped a Spidey tracer into her father's pocket. 

Immediately after the preview ends, Mr Negative is seen preparing for the end of the Maggia as well. Due to the shock of the obedience chip, Hammerhead has gone into a comma of some sort, and would not be able to join in for the final battle. In the same page, we learn that Mysterio is playing Mr Negative as well, and is pretending to be his 'secret informer' of the Maggia hideout. 

Obviously, elsewhere, Mysterio is extremely happy with himself. Carlie's father is seen taking his share of cash. Mr Cooper also explains that if anything should happen to himself, a time triggered News Site will expose him completely. 

Spider-Man, following the tracer placed in Mr Cooper's pocket appears to the show early. He is briefly held by the Maggia gang, until Mr Negative and his inner demons appear. Negative ruins it for Spidey as he releases the 'Devil's Breath,' - a gas specifically designed to kill Spider-Man when inhaled. 

With Spider-Man essentially out of the way, Negative proceeds to take his revenge on 'Silvermane.' However he has no clue that this Silvermane is only a puppet and remembers nothing of Negative. At this point, we truly see how much of an actor Mysterio really is. Mysterio pretends to be seriously injured as Negative cuts him with a sword. 

He then makes it seem as if he could not control what was to come. Mysterio, pretending to be anguished, ignites the bomb. Spider-Man, with his spider-sense, is able to anticipate the explosion. He jumps out of the building, still holding his breath. Apparently the police were all outside the building waiting. How convenient for them to have thought of staying outside to avoid the explosion. 

After catching his breath, Spider-Man goes into the building with a gas mask. He then beats the $#!+ out of Mysterio, who is gagging and 'dying' because of the gas. Spider-Man states that the gas is only meant to kill him. At that Mysterio reveals that he is really his cousin. 

Check out the scan of the page below. I agree with Mysterio here, - there should be awards given out for super villains. 

Regardless, Mysterio, as can be seen in the image, makes an escape. In the midsts of all this, Mr Negative and his group of undead thugs manage to come out of the rubble.The next scene involves the police, trying to be useful as usual, but not noticing Mysterio and his two henchmen conveniently sailing away on a slow garbage boat. 

As probably the only predictable scene in the issue, Spider-Man catches up to the boat an ruins the fun for Mysterio. The two henchmen are imprisoned, while Mysterio escapes. How he escaped will always remain a weird mystery.

Spider-Man ends up having a 'Detective Gordon' from 'Batman' for himself - Capt Yuri Wantanabe. The scene ends with the Chameleon approaching Mysterio with an offer. 


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