New Avengers 60 and 61 quick review

Posted by bps 01 February 2010

As we all know, Spider-Man has been pat of the Avengers for a number of years now. Of late his presence in the team has become more prominent as he has become more comfortable with his role as an Avenger.

In the last short review for New Avengers, Luke cage had been rescued from the Dark Avengers. However, it was revealed, to the reader, that a tiny device of some sort had been planted on Luke's heart. (New Avengers 59 )

In New Avengers 60, the former Sorcerer Supreme - Dr Strange, uses to magic and sees the device on Luke's heart. To fix the problem, Dr Pym aka the Wasp, whose super ability is to turn extremely  small, among other things, shrinks himself and Dr Strange so small, that they are able to enter Luke's body through the nostrils.

Spider-Man as usual, just has to fit in his funny comments.

Upon trying to remove it, the signal the device is transmitting changes to that of a bomb. Fortunately, Dr Strange is able to teleport the bomb to Norman Osborn's own house before it detonates.

New Avengers 61 has more of Spidey, and a fair amount of the Captain Americas - Bucky and Steve Rogers.

This story starts with the Red Hood, who is back in town, revealing that he has the new ability to increase the power levels of whomever he chooses. Steve and Bucky are watching the HAMMER agents, searching their former hideout - which is now a pile of rubble.

Somewhere along the line, their cover gets blown and the two get separated. Bucky, through the use of some chemicals, gets mind controlled, by 'The Corrupter,' and is forced to kill Steve Rogers. As Bucky shoots Steve with his gun, the bullet is deflected by Steve Roger's shield, and through some fantastic series of events, somehow hits the 'The Corrupter' in the neck. The two make a run for it, only to be cornered by another super villain.

This is precisely the reason why I do not like Captain America. First of all, why is Bucky carrying a gun? Forgive me for my lack of interest in the character. However, I must ask the same questions that even the bad guys in the comic are asking.

What really attracts me to this issue is that we get a lot of time with Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman have some light conversation, as they watch the Avengers tower. As they talk about a number of things, such as Norman Osborn. Somewhere along the line there is some short reference to Spider-Man being married as well.

Anyhow, with the Hood's men having heightened superpowers, two ugly looking crooks are able to spot Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, from a very far distance. Spider-Woman ends up being mind controlled and shoots Spider-Man off the building. As if that will stop him.

She is finally forced to point out the Avenger's hideout.

Overall, these are good issues. Certainly I must say that New Avengers 61 is the better of the two. It is also a tie in issue to Siege. Good to see some nice art here as well.


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