Anti-Venom Part 3 (of 3)

Posted by bps 13 January 2010

This is one miniseries that I have thoroughly enjoyed. From start to finish the story does not fail to impress me. For those who have not been following, the story follows Eddie Brock, now cured of cancer and trying to be a good guy.

He calls his new symbiote self the Anti-Venom. He has been helping this girl, Jenna, who was a former junkie, to turn from her drug addictive lifestyle.

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Jenna was last seen kidnapped and heavily drugged. Eddie, has teamed up with the Punisher temporarily to help save Jenna.

The Story

The story starts with Anti-Venom, thinking about all the evil things the thugs are doing to Jenna, his new friend, whom Eddie may have a soft spot for. Filled with rage and hate, he thrashes everyone who comes in his way.

The Punisher on the other hand has two objectives in mind - bust the bad guys and kill Eddie. he does not see Eddie as a reformed good guy and still demands to punish him for his past deeds.

After Anti-Venom finished with the guards, he and the Punisher (using the Owl's claws and glider) make a dramatic entrance. Punisher gets stabbed after killing a number of crooks, and makes a retreat. As Anti-Venom gets closer to saving the girl, the Don of the gang gives the order to kill her.

Fortunately the Punisher returns from a distance with a sniper. After beating the life out of every thug in the area, including the boss, Eddie removes his costume, exposing himself. The Punisher however, is unable to pull the trigger after seeing the former murderer reformed.

Jenna and Eddie both agree to start trying to change again, starting tomorrow.

Overall, I personally loved this miniseries. For a moment I thought that Jenna was going to die and Eddie would become bad all over again. This is still a possibility, but not until much later I suppose. This miniseries reveals Eddie's new character - one that insists on giving others a second chance, a little something the Punisher can learn.

Overall 7/10


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