What has Mary Jane been up to?

Posted by bps 11 January 2010

So, as most people following the Amazing Spider-Man comics would know, Mary Jane has been missing in action for the past few issues. She was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man 612 in a second story with extremely retarded art.

Anyhow, as everyone can probably guess, Mary Jane has been supermodel-ing, appearing on tv shows and etc. Imaging what it must be like to see your ex all over television. So, how do I know this? Well, in the Incredible Hercules story that is currently taking place, Mary Jane is seen doing an ad for Continuum. Please note that I have stopped reviewing this series as it does not exactly feature Spider-man as an important figure.

For those who do not know, Continuum is Hera, the goddess' evil plan to destroy the Universe. Humans however do not realize this and see Continuum as a product that everyone needs. See her ad below.

Absolutely cannot wait to see her reappear in the Amazing Spider-Man comics this year.

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