What's happening in the year of Spider-Man?

Posted by Mister Mets 04 January 2010

Considering Marvel's recent teaser for the "Year of Spider-Man," this seems to be an appropriate time to note the stories which have been confirmed for 2010.

The year begins with Amazing Spider-Man #617, an extra-length story featuring the Rhino by Joe Kelly and Max Fiurma.
2010's first major arc "Mysterious" in Amazing Spider-Man #618-620 by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin pits Spider-Man in a gang war between Mysterio, Mister Negative, and formerly deceased criminals.
In Amazing Spider-Man #621, Dan Slott and Michael Lark pit Spider-Man and the Black Cat against Mister Negative.

In Amazing Spider-Man #622, Fred Van Lente and Joe Quiniones pit Spider-Man against Morbius, while Greg Wiseman and Luke Ross continue Flash Thompson's story.
With Amazing Spider-Man #623-624, Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta reveal the origin of the new Vulture, first introduced in "24/7"

In Amazing Spider-Man #625, Joe Kelly and Max Fiurma pit the new Rhino against the old Rhino.
Amazing Spider-Man #626 features a female Scorpion by Fred Van Lente and Michael Gaydos.
Amazing Spider-Man #627-629 is the long-awaited "Something Can Stop the Juggernaut" by Roger Stern and Lee Weeks.
This is followed by a Lizard story starting with Amazing Spider-Man #630 by Zeb Wells & Chris Bachalo.

"The Gauntlet" will culminate with the Sinister 666 storyline, starting with Amazing Spider-Man #633.
A long-awaited four part story kicks off around Amazing Spider-Man #638. From what I can gather, it was written some time ago and reveals how Spider-man's identity became secret again, what happened differently at Peter and Mary Jane's wedding and one more thing that changed as a result of One More Day.

Outside of Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Guggenheim and Adriana Melo are the creative team for a three issue Jackpot mini-series, starting in January 2010.

Brendan McCarthey is the writer/ artist of a three part Spider-Man/ Doctor Strange mini-series, due to start in April 2010

Bob Gale is writing new Spider-Man stories for Marvel's website/ Digital Comics program. The material will be available in print form in Peter Parker #1, and this will be a semi-regular series.

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