Amazing Spider-Man # 616

Posted by bps 25 December 2009

The Spider-Man vs Sandman story comes to an end here as we learn some very interesting facts about Sandman in this issue. Unlike how I predicted in Amazing Spider-Man 615, Mysterio plays absolutely no part in this issue. Overall, I must say that this story is the best story in the Gauntlet series that has taken place so far.

The story

In the preview we see that Spider-Man is caught and imprisoned inside Sandman, who has taken the form of a giant sand castle. The preview ends with Spider-Man trying to convince Keemia to let her go, promising her that he will not take her away from her 'Kingdom.'

One of the aspects that makes this issue enjoyable is that it paints a slightly different picture in that Spider-Man is seen as a bad guy, at least in the eyes of the innocent little girl. As the story goes on, Spider-Man is obviously compelled to break his promise to the little girl.

We learn in this issue that Sandman, while still asleep, unconsciously does anything that Keemia tells him to. While Sandman pursues his daughter, we find out a number of interesting facts. For one thing, Keemia is not is biological daughter at all. Instead she was just a girl who happened to call her daddy one day. To a criminal like himself he found that very touching. He now wants nothing more but to be with her and make her happy.

The story of Sandman is always a sad one. The other thing we learn is that, although Sandman is able to split himself into many, he is unable to control each one of them. It is later revealed that one of his personalities murdered Keemia's mother. The Sandmen battle one another as Spider-Man conveniently escapes. Spider-Man also finds out how Sandman, although vunerable to water, is able to cross from the island to the mainland.

At the end of the issue, Keemia never gets to see her grandmother as Spider-Man promised. She is instead sent to a foster home and bullied by others. Peter is later seen with Carlie in a slightly romantic scene, half regretting ever taking Keemia away from Sandman.

Overall a very good issue in my opinion. Hope to see more stories like this in the future.

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