Spider-man: Clone Saga 4 of 6

Posted by bps 19 December 2009

Different people have different perspectives towards the new version of the Clone Saga. In my opinion, this is one of the best stories ever told, and told again. The issue, like the previous Clone Saga issues highlights Ben Reilly, Kaine and Peter Parker - all of whom share the memories of Peter, and at this point are unsure of who is the original.

Once again Kaine to some extent manages to pull off some jokes in his conversation, showing his similarities to Peter, although they both have may differences.

The story
It opens with Ben Reilly, as in the previews, now donning the Spider-Man costume, and fighting Doctor Octopus. he fails to stop his enemy but manages to save the civilians.  In the meantime, much to my disliking, he continuously compares himself to Peter, thinking about what Peter would have done in his place.

The story shifts to Peter Parker, now enjoying his retirement with Mary Jane. He is shown to be frustrated, trying to land a job at a university in order to support his wife and coming baby. It is however, in some ways apparent that he misses being Spider-Man.

Ben Reilly's personal life is magnified slightly in this issue. He is seen coming late to work - one of the 'benefits' of being Spider-Man, and being set up with a date. Ben later meets with his blind date - Beth, who for some reason reminds him of his former love, Elizabeth Tyne. I must add that the depiction of Elizabeth Tyne looks exactly like Mary Jane. (See right)

Kaine and Doctor Ock are also seen working together. Apparently Dr. Ock has been offered immortality in exchange for stabilizing the Jackal's cloning formula. Needless to say, the two eventually come to a disagreement at which Kaine takes the opportunity to kill Dr. Octopus. ( Note that at this point Dr. Ock has already stabilized the formula. )

The drawing of Dr Octavius here is very similar to in the Spider-man Movie. Possibly because of the longer face that Octaviuus does not usually have.

Before Kaine kills his former partner, Ben Reilly comes in to stop him. While fighting, Ben sprays some webbing into Octavius' face, restricting his breathing. Once again, Kaine leaves the scene as Ben tries to save his breathless enemy. The comic ends with Kaine informing his employer that the formula is stable.

We then see the shadowy figure from Clone Saga 3, opening the yellow container with Norman Osborn inside.

Personal Thoughts

Obviously, this is where the new Clone Saga will deviate from the original. As predicted in my last review, Norman Osborn was indeed the clone inside the yellow container. However, what are the chances that it is actually Norman in the shadows, creating another clone of himself?

Just a thought, highly unlikely. As mentioned earlier, Kaine still maintains some form of subtle humor
 as a result of being a clone of Peter.

Overall a good comic, worth reading in my opinion.

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Amazing Spider-Man 615

Posted by bps

Once again this review is up a few days late. Amazing Spider-Man 615 is certainly the best Spider-Man story ever since Amazing Spider-man 611. Just like in the Spider-Man 3 movie, and the current daily newspaper strip Spider-Man comics, issue 615 features Sandman aka Flink Marko.

Due him being featured in both the movie and the current newspaper comics, anyone who knows anything about Spider-man would certainly know Sandman. As depicted in the movie and newspaper strips, Sandman is not really a true brutal killer. This is also true in the Amazing Spider-man comics.

The story

As can be seen in the preview, the comic features a special little girl named Keemia. In the preview, Peter is also seen, being asked to take photos at a crime lab where Carlie Cooper is being blamed for lab irregularities. Carlie, for those who do not know was, at one point a potential love interest for Peter Parker, after One More Day.

Carlie explains to Peter how there were three murder weapons that were sealed in secured lockers were missing. To top it off, the security cameras showed no one entering or leaving the room. Peter inspects the locker and finds some grains of sand in there.

Spider-man decides to do some undercover work himself and finds out some background on Alma Alvarado, the first murder victim. Strangely enough this lady has apparently been keeping pictures of all Spider-man's enemies as seen below.

He later learns that this lady's daughter has been missing since her death. Her daughter, Keemia, was building a snowman, along with some friends, when the snowman came to life and told her she was a princess and that she was to be taken to her kingdom.

Spider-Man learned that this Alma character had a thing for jailbirds - explaining all the pictures pinned up on her mirror. The story goes on as Spider-man draws some connections between the three murders, with some help from Betty Brant. He concludes that Sandman was behind all the murders and for some reason decided to kidnap Keemia.

Sandman is eventually tracked down and the two battle. Spider-Man, again using his fantastic brain, sprays some acidic webbing on Sandman causing him to dissolve. Unfortunately, the Sandman reveals that he himself has some new tricks up his sleeve as well.

Personal Thoughts

During the fight, Sandman repeatedly mentioned that he knew nothing about any murders. My guess is that this Alma, had some affairs with a number of her 'jailed penpals.' Obviously, Sandman was not the one who killed her, or the other two connected victims. Chances are pretty high that we have two villains in this picture, one of whom is not yet known to the readers.

Sandman probably thinks Keemia is his daughter, and decided to take her someplace away to be with her. Unknown to him, two other murder victims, related to Alma has taken place. This theory however does not support the fact that some grains of sand was found in the locker.

As such, here is my explanation. Could it be possible that the next hidden character, still unknown to us readers is none other than Mysterio. Mysterio would also be capable of getting past security cameras and stealing the murder weapons. It is more that likely that he intentionally left some grains of sand there as well.

Furthermore, the Web of Spider-Man 4 issue will feature Mysterio. Anyhow, I absolutely loved this issue. It leaves many possibilities and unanswered questions. I rate it 6/10.

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