Amazing Spider-man 614

Posted by bps 11 December 2009

Another late review, due to some other life things that have occurred. This issue essentially concluded Electro's short term reign as an actual threat to the Spidey-verse. In this conclusion, Electro actually makes a mark in history that will not be easily forgotten - destroying the Daily Bugle.

The story

The preview leaves with Spider-man awoken from the blast by Electro is Amazing Spider-Man 613, only to run back into the fire to look for some clue of some sort that just might help him take down Electro.

In the next scene we see Dexter Bennet, yelling at the top of his voice to all his employees to evacuate the DB. Upon trying to get out however, the employees find out that the whole building its electrified. As such, none of them can get out and are all trapped inside the building. Similarly, no one is allowed from the outside to go in either.

On the outside, J. Jonah Jameson, former owner of the Daily Bugle / DB, and current mayor of New York City, is complaining to himself and everyone around him about the situation with no conclusion as to what should be done.

Just then, Spider-man appears with the perfect plan, that is not revealed. He does however require the assistance of the Jameson's Anti Spidey squad.

Inside the building, Electro is searching for Dexter, still furious about him stealing from the public. As is very much expected, Spider-man comes in the nick of time to save Bennet.

As the two battle, the scene is shifted underground where the Anti Spider-squad is cutting off the electrical power supply for the whole building. I must say, I saw this coming from mile away. Everything that happens from this point on was absolutely not expected.

From outside the building Jameson watches as his building is being torn apart by Electrical blows fired at Spider-man. Some very cool scenes throughout the fight include Electro disappearing into a power plug supply and appearing elsewhere, and Spider-man revealing that he had upgraded his webbing so Electro could no longer conduct himself along the webbing.

In the meantime, Jameson is making his way into his beloved building, somehow intending to stop the fight before his building gets destroyed. Bennet is more than happy to lead Jameson to the fight, hoping for the mayor to die in it.

As the first of a number of unexpected things to happen next, the ceiling above Bennet falls, just as Jameson has moved out of the way. Bennet is crushed under the rubble as Spider-man and Electro fight above him.

With no time to loose, Spider-man carries Bennet as he and Jameson make a run out the building. The entire DB is then reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds, and for a moment, it appears as though Jameson is caught in a trance.

The story ends with Electro, being led to him cell by a guard, who turns out to be the Chameleon. Inside, the prison, we see Sasha Kraven inviting Electro to join their hunt against Spider-man.

Personal Thoughts

Overall an average issue, which in my opinion is fantastic compared to the last couple of issues. The story is filled with the unexpected, which contributes to a better story. The art however, still remains constant and is not to my liking. With the Daily Bugle destroyed, and Dexter Bennet probably out of the picture for some time, it is possible that Jameson may step down as mayor some time soon, and return to his newspaper business.

Two things could happen as a result of the destruction of the DB.

  1. Jameson rebuilds it and becomes as cocky as ever
  2. Jameson changes his attitude towards everyone, and becomes a new man
These are just my personal opinions which may not happen at all. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see what the outcome of this issue will be for J. Jonah Jameson Jr.


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