Incredible Hercules 138

Posted by bps 04 December 2009

I have contemplated several times on whether or not I should review this issue. The issue primarily revolves around Hercules and involves very little of Spider-man. Quite expected actually. Nonetheless.

As we know Spider-man was quite involved in the prologue to this issue ( Assault on New Olympus # 1 Partial review). In the prologue, it is learned that Hera, wife of Zeus, who is now a little child, is planning to wipe out the iron age of humanity. Apparently, humans have been wiped out and forced to restart civilization several times already.

Athena, Hercules sister has been trying to round up some allies to take Hera down. The panel below explains everything clearly.

In issue 138, Athena explains to Amadeus Cho. That this battle will claim Hercules' life, and that he must arise as the next Prince of Power. Amadeus, not wanting to let Herc down, refuses to believe this and is determined to ensure Hercules' survival. Being the 7th smartest person in the world, Amadeus devises his plan to take down Hera. At one point he actually tries to warn Hercules and tries to give him some water he stole from the River Lithe. See right.

Hercules is however too proud to think anything would happen to him. The plan is later unveiled as Hebe, along with all brother's and sister's are called to meet with Hera. Hera explains her plan to Hebe, who already knows it, only to hear from the 'all seeing eye' that Hebe is a traitor. Hera blasts her daughter into the ground. An ambulance later comes carrying Hercules, the Avengers, and etc.

We find out that Ares, Hera's strongest son, will not be joining her in the fight as he is being seduced by Aphrodite. Good trick.

Toward the end of the issue, we see the god of death appearing stating that he will claim one of their lives in the war.

Something interesting

Apparently in Marvel Comics, the Olympian gods aren't really gods, but simply almost equal to our superhero's. Read this two panels below. Pretty interesting. it certainly makes the battle easier, else if they truly were gods, its impossible to fight them.

Overall, this story proves to be very interesting. Definitely worth buying. I am unsure however if I should continue to review this comic as it is not really related to Spider-man. What do you think? Thanks for reading. -bulletproofsponge


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