Clone saga 3 of 6

Posted by bps 01 December 2009

The clone saga, as we know is being retold as it was originally intended in six issues. Last week, part three of the clone saga was released. Read Clone saga 1 and Clone saga 2.

In the Clone Saga 2, Kaine, Ben Reilly and Peter were trapped by the Jackal who wanted to use their blood samples to help stabilize the genetic structure of his army of clones. We also found out that Mary Jane was suffering from the same disease that Aunt May was suffering from.

Clone Saga 3, is another extremely rushed, but well drawn comic. The story is obviously good as it is a shortened version of the original Clone Saga -which had a fantastic story line. In this third issue Jackal explains that Kaine is a failed clone whom he is using as an example not to follow. As such, he needs Ben and Peter's blood to cure his new army of clones from degeneration.

The Jackal magnifies Kaine as a failure he does not intend to repeat. As a character, Kaine is tormented physically and mentally. As such he goes feral and break free upon hearing that the Jackal intends to clone Gwen. He states that Gwen is the only unblemished memory he has left and will not allow the Jackal to accomplish his goals.

As Kaine breaks free he asks Peter and Ben to help stop the Jackal. ( As if they wouldn't) The three Peter Parkers set out to fight the army of clones, who apparently do not have the same fighting skills as Spider-man. The reason for this being that the Jackal did not have time to program Peter's memories in them.

As they continue to battle, the Jackal reveals that he has another clone that will surprise them. At the same moment, the clone army begins to disintegrate. Shocked, the Jackal concludes that Peter must be the clone, while Ben is actually the original.

The fight ends with Kaine ultimately killing the Jackal. Kaine then throws the antidote up in the air for Ben and Peter to catch while he runs away. With the antidote, Aunt May and Mary Jane are quickly cured. Peter later discusses with MJ about himself being a clone. They decide to put all differences aside and continue to lead their life together.

Peter later calls a meeting with Ben and is seen giving Ben the Spider-man costume saying that he is resigning from being Spider-man. The final panel shows Kaine planning with someone behind the scenes, again in the shadows, that looks very much like Norman Osborn.

Personal thoughts

Anyone reading this comic will have to agree that it is good. Art is once again consistent, story, as I mentioned can't be bad. The only problem here is that the story is rushed too much, just like Clone saga 2.

So with that out of the way, I have two questions.

  1. Who is the guy in the shadows?
  2. Who is the other clone besides Gwen stacey?
Here are my conclusions.

The Jackal was shown with two special clone makers, as can be seen below.

Gwen was obviously in the Pink container as can be seen here

As such, it is possible that Norman Osborn, supposed to be dead at this point in time, is in the yellow container. Therefore, in the last scene, Harry is trying to resurrect his father. Notice the yellow container beside him. Any thoughts?


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