This story, is the third story in Web of Spider-man 2. The first story, involved Electro, and provided some background to what has been taking place in Amazing Spider-man 612 and Amazing Spider-Man 613 so far.

This third story, as the title suggest is about Jonah Jameson Jr. It starts with in a scene where JJ. Jr is irritated with the press, constantly bugging him since he has become Mayor.

As he finally manages to find some rest in the car, he comes to learn that his driver has been replaced with somebody else. A sleeping gas can then opens and JJ. Jr wakes up hours later, tied to a chair in some dark place.

He awakens to learn that his kidnapper is actually his biggest fan, not to mention he dislikes Spider-man as well. Apparently this fan - Emil Nason, does not like Jonah Jameson as a mayor. He wants him to return to his editorial job and put a stop to Spider-man. His plan is to fight him, not only with the press, but physically as well.

Emil Nason apparently got a hold of one of the beetles gloves. Aparently the beetle was a villain who fought Spider-man on several occasions. Jonah, being the double crosser he is, pretends to have a heart attack and falls down. Emil Nason, then tries to help his idol up. Jonah grabs hold of the 'Bettle's suction glove' and beats his kidnapper.

After a long speech on how he now hates reporters, he asks Emil if he owned the whole suit? The next day, Emil is seen brought into Jonah Jameson's office.

Personal thoughts

This story could, and most probably will be the beginning of a rand new set of problems for Spider-man. In my opinion, Jonah Jameson will never be able to survive for very much longer as the Mayor. He will either, resign of his own will - possibly to return to the press and hammer Spider-man, or he could be voted out in the next election against his will.

Nonetheless, he cannot stay as Mayor much longer. What are the possibilities of Emil Nason, wearing the whole 'Beetle suit,' becoming a hero recognized by the press, ending up fighting Spider-man, and ultimately turning evil after that so Spider-man becomes the good guy again?

Any thoughts?

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