Web of Spider-man 2: Electro origins

Posted by bps 28 November 2009

Web of Spider-man 2 is divided into three different stories again. The first story being about Electro, the second about Spider-girl, and the third Jonah Jameson Jr. I will be reviewing the first and the third story. Although I do enjoy the Spider-girl story very much as well.

Web of Spider-man review part 1 - due to a rather busy schedule, I do not have time to review both the stories at once. Do look out for Part 2 in a day or two.

See the preview here.

In Electro Origins
The art for this comic is absolutely fantastic. Coloring is outstanding, as I even found it enjoyable to see characters like Electro and Magneto, who usually have terribly brights colored costumes.

In the story we learn of the, not-so-complicated origin of Electro. He got zapped by lightning while climbing an electrical pole. (High-tension wire) We find out that in recent times, Electro has been searching for ways to charge himself up as he notices his degeneration.

In an effort to build his 'charger' he has been stealing Stark Equipment - Super Efficient Transistors. He completes the mechanism and begins charging himself. Magneto, and his children in the meantime, finds themselves drawn to a disturbance in the electromagnetic fields - Electro.

Being the B-Class villain that he is, Electro tries to fight Magneto to no avail. Magneto, impressed by the power Electro holds within, invites him to join forces. Once again, Electro, thinking too much of himself denies. Finally, Magneto himself gives up, even stating that Charles Xavier would not bother to recruit him.

The story shifts, somewhere a couple of days later I presume, to Max Dillion in a terribly unkempt apartment. His landlord, who for some reason looks very much like Peter Parker with an earring, comes in, harassing Max for his due rent. See below:

In doing so, he spots Electro's costume and makes some unnecessary comment about it. Electro, tired of his nonsense, takes the opportunity to zap him to death. Poor guy. - The End.

Overall, I consider this story to be most enjoyable. Really simple, yet I think it must be the art that caught my interest. Especially after watching 'Vertigo' versions of Electro in Amazing Spider-man comics.


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