New Avengers 59

Posted by bps 27 November 2009

The cover for New Avengers 59 is quite misleading. As can be seen below, the cover shows Spider-man and Spider-woman back to back, ready to face off the enemy.

Unfortunately, the comic has nothing out of the ordinary. There is no Spider-showdown, nor is there any highlight on Spider-man or Spider-woman.

Nevertheless, this is a good issue, for those who are following the New Avengers. The art is fantastic, while the story is nothing quite unexpected. Fortunately it is still entertaining.

For those who have not been following New Avengers, you can read my short summary on what has been happening with them in the past few issues ( New Avengers 55-58 summary)

In New Avengers 58, Luke cage was surrendered to Norman Osborn due to his ill condition. The only way to save him was to operate. Unfortunately, Luke cage has unbreakable skin. Only Norman had the power drainer that would drain Luke's powers so that the doctors could operate.

Back at the Avengers hideout, a plan is being devised to free him. With help from Luke's many friends, the Avengers plan to distract Norman's Dark Avengers, while his other friends, like the Thing, Daredevil, Dr Voodoo, Dr Strange and etc, free him. Dr Voodo and Dr Strange both use their magical powers to spy on Luke Cage to ensure that he has been treated.

Upon finding that he is recovering, they proceed with the plan. Fortunately nothing goes unexpectedly. Luke Cage is rescued and brought back to base safely. The only problem is that Norman already had a backup plan, should such an event take place.

The final panel shows Luke Cage's heart enlarged. Apparently, when operating on him, the surgeons inserted some type of tracker. (Assumption). It could very well be a bomb as well - unlikely though.

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