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Posted by bps 25 November 2009

With the lack of good Amazing Spider-man stories of late, I have taken it upon myself to look for other good Spider-man involved stories with proper story line and art. With the release of New Avengers 59, sub-titled, Spider-showdown, later today. I thought it appropriate to let readers on this site get updated as to the latest developments in New Avengers.

Of late, Spider-man has been playing a more prominent role in the Avengers, as was planned by the Marvel team, as was already quoted here.

On Peter Parker's growth:

Bendis: "I also think that Spider-Man has become more and more comfortable with his role as an Avenger, and you'll see less and less of the nervous chatter and more of him as a voice of moral reason, being the man who exudes power and responsibility."

In New Avengers 55, we see that the Avengers are having some problems with the Hood, who is working for Osborn, and his gang. They have been on the run, using Capt America's (Bucky's) apartment to hide. In a desperate escape a battle, the Avengers left one of Tony Stark's broken power drainers behind. The crooks take it apart and study it, hoping to use it against the Avengers in their next meeting.

One important point to note in this issue is the disunity both in the Hood's gang and in the Avengers. Not everyone working under the Hood trusts him. Furthermore, he failed to appear at their meeting due to his powers being taken away. Even more people do not want to be working as puppets for Norman Osborn. A character called Dr Jonas Harrow rises to the occasion and explains his "plan."

Back at the Avengers, Captain America is extremely unimpressed with the condition the Avengers left his apartment in. Spider-man very much regrets revealing his secret identity to the team, and even more surprising is Ronin, who wants to kill Norman Osborn once and for all.

One of the highlights of this comic, in my opinion, was watching Spider-man stand up and argue his case and views during a lengthy discussion among his team members. Just like Bendis said he would.

The issue ends with the team entering a booby trap set by the Hood's thugs. Chemistro, who originally found the power drainer left by the Avengers in the beginning succeeded in copying it and using it on the Avengers, leaving them powerless.

New Avengers 56
reveals that it was never intended for these Avengers to appear. Instead the ruckus that attracted the good guys was intended to attract Norman's Avengers. Remember, many of the Hood's thugs did not like being puppets for Osborn. Dr Harrow then takes the opportunity to hack into the Iron Patriot suit and negotiate terms with Norman. When Norman disagrees, he and all his surrounding Avengers lose their powers, looking up to see the Hood's former gang, now under Dr Harrow. Else where the the Hood, is seen on a mystical quest, with Loki, to regain his powers.

Thank God for pictures that paint a thousand words. In this case, the panel below is enough to explain what exactly the Hood's former gang really wants.

New Avengers 57 continues as Norman Osborn agrees to make the deal stated above. As can be predicted, his first assignment for the gang of B class villains is to watch Venom eat Spider-man. Just in the nick of time, Mockingbird, whom I forgot to mention was not affected by the power drainer, appears with backup to evacuate the Avengers.

Before leaving, we see Spider-man taking an opportunity to kick Norman Osborn, who was about to tail their ship, in a very 'well done,' short, but complete fight scene.

The Hood is later shown to have regained his powers, with the help of some stones of Norn.

The Avengers, take Luke Cage, who still has not recovered, to the Night Nurse. Unfortunately, due to Luke Cage's unbreakable skin, she is unable to help him.

Norman and his avengers appear not long later threatening the real Avengers to surrender. At this point Ms. Marvel concludes that they need Norman's help since he is the one who now obtains the Power Drainer needed to break Luke's unbreakable skin.

Luke takes it upon himself to surrender while the others make a run for it.

In New Avengers 58, the Hood Returns, extremely dissatisfied that his crew is now serving Norman Osborn. He is of course even more furious with Dr Harrow.

Norman Osborn is forced to perform his duty as a world hero, to give medical attention to Luke Cage immediately.

With enough distraction, the Avengers manage to get back to base and bring the sad news to Jessica Jones.

All in all, the New Avengers story is going uphill in my opinion. I like the direction this comic is going. Better yet, we see loads of Spider-man in the picture. New Avenger's 59 is coming out later today along with a whole lot of other comics. I can assure you that I, personally will have more fun reviewing New Avengers 59 than ASM 613.


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