Dark Reign: The list- Amazing Spider-man

Posted by bps 21 November 2009

Dark Reign: The list Spider-man is the best Spider-man related comic I have read since Who was Ben Reilly? (Amazing Spider-Man 608,609,610) The story as we know involves Norman Osborn going through a checklist of things he wants done. As the cover page suggests, the last thing on his list is to kill Spider-man.

The art for this comic is spectacular. After reading comics with weird art like Amazing Spider-Man 611 and Amazing Spider-Man 612, this comic is like a pain killer. In the preview, we can see that Peter Parker is upset with himself for allowing Norman Osborn to rise to the power he currently holds. He, much like is American Son, is planning to take Norman down once and for all, through the press, again.

The story

The preview ends with Peter consulting with other "Frontline" staff, including Norah who managed to sneak into the Avengers Tower in American Son, on ways to expose Norman. Apparently, Norah had stolen some blueprints to the Avengers Tower during her last visit.

The next scene is most humorous as Norman is explaining to his secretary how he is going to kill Spider-man. He walks into the room and finds Spider-man sitting there, conviniently downloading some files into a pendrive.

Iron patriot grows furious and their reunion evolves into an ultimate showdown between the Iron Patriot and Spidey. Spider-man's humor during the fight never ceases to amaze me. After being hit by one of Iron Patriots beams, the public take it upon themselves to beat the friendly neighborhood Spider-man, as usual.

Elsewhere we see people all over New York watching the fight. Some rooting for Iron Patriot, while others, including Harry, supporting Spider-man. The fight ends with Spider-man barely making an escape in the crowd of civilians.

While searching the crowd, Norman spots Peter Parker who was sending the files in the pendrive to all his contacts, from the media. Norman, as the Iron Patriot tries to hurt Peter but is forced to stop when Peter explains that he is an American tax paying citizen. Make sure you read the panel below.

The story ends with Norah, absolutely mad at Peter for sending the files on the pendrive to Betty Brant, reporter of the DB, as well.

Following this, we see Ben Urich and Jessica Jones a couple of years ago ( Pre OMD), investigating an old murder by Norman Osborn, leading them to his office door. Upon reaching there however, they bump into the Green Goblin himself.

At this point the art changes, much to my liking, resembling the art during the JMS run.

This is essentially just an old story in which Luke Cage, boyfriend of the pregnant Jessica Jones, takes down Norman Osborn with Spider-man and exposing him as the Green Goblin. Ben Urich, now the owner of Frontline was the one who wrote the article exposing Norman Osborn for the Daily Bugle back then.

Personal thoughts - This comic was most enjoyable, and unexpected, even to the point of adding some old stories in with what I call 'good art.' Its interesting to read words like 'Daily Bugle' appearing, and 'Parker!' coming out from the mouth of the Goblin.


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