Amazing Spider-man 612

Posted by bps 19 November 2009

The story is divided in two stories. In my opinion, the comic makes the reader feel that he is back in the 1960's ( At least the first story does). Reason for this being that the art in the comic is very much like the art in the 1960's Spider-man cartoon. Others have commented that the art is very 'Vertigo' Styled.

It is implied that the first story takes place soon after Spider-man has spent some time with the Avengers. This could possibly be in New Avengers 59 , or Ms Marvel 47.
Before continuing, you may want to catch the preview for this issue here.

First story
At the beginning, focus is mainly on Electro and what he has been going through in more recent times. Such include a dysfunction in his powers, searching for a cure, and being treated like a freak by everyone else. Thankfully he is seen in this comic, mostly without his 'mask.'

In the meantime we find that Dexter Bennet, owner of the DB ( former Daily bugle ) is requesting a bail out for his dying company. Electro, tired of being accused a criminal is set on exposing to the public the real criminal - big shots like Dexter Bennet who is using the taxpayers money to bail out the DB.

Coming back to Peter, we learn that Peter never got drunk in Amazing Spider-Man 600, yet, he had a hangover the day after and was unable to remember what happened - i.e. his one night stand with Michelle. He was unknowingly drinking apple ginger ale the whole time, not champagne.

Anyhow, Peter finds out eventually from Michelle that Electro has gained the trust of the people and is protesting against Bennet. Spider-man obviously is not about to let the villain wonder around New York and attempts to stop him. Surprisingly, Electro seems to be able to counter attack all of Spider-man's moves. Spider-man is thrown down into the angry mob, who think Spider-man is Bennet's hired gun against Electro.

Second Story
The second story features Mary Jane, Black Cat, and Norah. Unfortunately, the art for this story has to be gross. This story focuses on Spider-man and the Black Cat. Peter wonder's where his relationship with Felicia is going as she does not really care about anything he does "out of the suit."

While trying to make some conversation with Felicia, Spider-man mentions that he bumped into his ex that morning. His Parker luck did not help him too much there though. As much as Spider-man fans would want to see Mary Jane in a comic, the art simply throws you off. I must highlight the terrible art.

Check out the ugly Peter Parker and Mary Jane below

This second story could be so much better if the art was good. It ends with Peter meeting someone in the office that sounds and smells like the Black Cat, but goes by the name Ashley Moon. Not to mention causes him to have some 'Bad Luck.'

The only real relationship that is visible between the Black Cat and this Ashley Moon are the green eyes. It is highly possible that Felicia is simply wearing a wig. Nonetheless, as I have pointed out before, Felicia, normally has blue eyes.Read this article I wrote a while back.

Image below: Ashley Moon

Ever since Amazing Spider-Man 606, the Black Cat has suddenly had blue eyes, which bothers me particularly because the green eyes are supposed to be one of the ways to differentiate Mary Jane when she is drawn by different artists. For eg, no one would ever know that it was Mary Jane in the panel above if it were not for her green eyes.

Now apparently the green eyes are what connects Ashley Moon to Felicia. Apart from this, Norah is also featured in this story, almost hiding none of her mixed feelings toward Peter.

Personal Thoughts
As in the review for Amazing Spider-Man 611, I am lacking any personal insight to this comic as the art is just too distracting. Overall, very disappointing in my opinion. Very poor story and art. I need to read some old Spider-man comics.

The first story was reasonably fine. The story was nothing special, nonetheless it is building the foundation for a good story that we are not yet seeing. Electro's character is magnified here, providing a refreshing new view on his character.

As far as the second story is concerned, if you want to read a good story with the Black Cat, do not read this. If there is anything to like about this comic is that we can pretty much confirm Spidey still has not let go of Mary Jane. Unfortunately enough, the sudden appearance of this Ashley Moon has once again blank out all hopes of Peter getting back with Mary Jane anytime soon.

Could it be possible that this is Mephisto's idea of giving Peter a 'chance at happiness?' After all, he is the devil, and I am certain that the devil would not want a happy clean marriage ahead for Peter Parker. So instead, he decides to keep putting sluts in Peter's way to keep him temporarily "happy." Any thoughts?

Other than that - rated 3.5/10 by bulletproofsponge


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