Amazing spider-man 611

Posted by bps 13 November 2009

As most Spider-man fans would probably agree, there was nothing special at all about this comic issue. For starters, as we all expected from the preview, the art was not that eye-friendly.

The story line was rather shallow, although it does create
the foundation for a bigger event that will be coming soon. Humor in the comic was rather interesting.

It has to be expected, putting Deadpool and Spider-man together in one comic, although I am not so sure it would be very appealing to younger readers. The humor is hard to follow as Deadpool, as usual, is constantly talking to himself.

As if the art was not bad enough, this comic had to feature Deadpool without his mask, uncovering his hideous face.

The story
For those following the Amazing Spider-man comic, you would recall a random appearance of Madam Web, apparently being held hostage by an anonymous character, being forced to reveal Spider-man's whereabouts. For those who have not been following, the above situation took place in Amazing spider-man 606. The Panel can be found here

Amazing Spider-man 611 takes off from there. Madam Web is being held captive by Kraven the hunter's wife and her daughter, Ana. Kraven's wife and her daughter have been appearing in several issues, recruiting villains to help take down Spider-man. ( ASM 604, ASM 607 )

The issue starts with Deadpool receiving a phone call to do an unknown assignment. The Kraven family is later seen holding Madam Web captive. Peter Parker is having is typical bad day, as portrayed in the Spider-man Movies. He ends up taking on a lame villain called Lady Stilt-man. How contradicting

Deadpool eventually comes into the picture and helps Spider-man out. He next creates some problems for Spider-man that have absolutely nothing to do with the story. In fact, it is learned that Deadpool's entire presence was nothing more than a distraction for something bigger planned by the Kraven family.

Spider-man was distracted from meeting with Anya Corazon, battling Eddie Brock, and meeting (an extremely ugly) Spider-woman. To what purpose this served is unknown to the reader.

However, Spider-woman is seen, caught, and captured by the Kraven family as a part of their plan to take down Spider-man.

Personal Thoughts
A short, boring, almost pointless issue with bad art and interesting humor. It does keep the reader interested to know what this plan is that the Kraven family is cooking.

Ps. Spider-woman here is really ugly


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